Plantable Wedding Favors

Cards embedded with wildflower seeds

Julie and Marc are wine lovers and they got married in the wine country. They gathered their friends and family in the beautiful landscape of Napa Valley to bring their hearts together and share as one on a day that will remain significant in their lives forever. After toasting with Julie's favorite wine, Sauvignon Blanc, they kissed and enjoyed the applause from friends and family alike.  It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining over the hills. The perfect California climate helps harvest some of the best grapes to produce fresh, delicious wine. They chose the perfect wedding favors to thank all the guests that attended their wedding, Wine Country!
Wine Country
Melanie and Charles loved to read.  They had met at a bookstore and both shared an interest in tales and fables set in old England such as the Three Musketeers and King Arthur. In fact they even set a round table at their reception for the wedding party. Decorated with elegant tapestries and stable themed table cloths, their wedding was definitely unique. Instead of the modern tuxedo, the groomsmen had suits with frilly shirts and stitched pants. The bridesmaids wore pointed hats with trains, similar to that of the wedding dress. They really looked like something out of a Renaissance fair. It wasn't a tough decision to select a suitable wedding favor to let their friends and family know they appreciated their company. They selected Fables Initials!
Fables Initials
 Jenny and Frank were childhood sweethearts. They met before high school and grew up on the same street. How lucky were the two that they fell in love at a young age and the fire that sparked between them never stopped burning? They got married in their neighborhood park where they shared so many fond memories together. Getting married in an outdoor setting is always a gamble in the Midwest and they were lucky enough that it didn't start to rain until after the ceremony was ending. All the guests rushed into hall for the reception, with only a few drips. Their celebration was a success and everyone had a grand time. Jenny and Frank remembered climbing trees and carving their initials inside a heart in the woods at the end of their street. That is why they knew the Tree We Climbed Into wedding favors were the best way to thank their loved ones for joining their love celebration!
Tree We Climbed Into
These are just some prime examples of what ForeverFiances has to offer to thank your guests for attending your wedding. Wedding favors, donation cards and gift tags are a unique way to say thank you from the traditional Thank you cards. There are an array of designs to select from such as animals, hena flowers, scripts and trees. You are sure to find something that meets your style and matches your dream wedding!

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