Organic Sunflower - Timeless Floral Stationery

Sunflower Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper

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4. Menus 5. Seeded Paper Place cards 6. Thank you notes #. Insert cards & Poster also available

Don't forget to plant your invitations

Once sprouted (you can even do in the winter, indoor behind a window), beak down the paper and get ready to plant! See full planting instructions.

breaking down the paper in pieces, before planting

Happy Holiday from the ForeverFiances!

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A guitar theme your wedding invitation | Rock On!

Holly and Jordan are musicians in Pensylvannia, they fell in love at a Rock concert (and with our new collection Acoustic Melody). Inspired from an old guitar from the sixties, symbol of creativity and rock'n roll, this guitar invitation is perfect for music lovers.
guitar wedding invitations
Acoustic Melody Wedding Invitations - Cream seeded paper (Green Pasture Ink)
Guitar Theme Wedding Place Cards

Acoustic Melody on cream de lait seeded paper (embedded with wildflowers) - Terre de Sienne & Green Pasture ink

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Vieux Oak Tree invitations

it is the love story with an old family oak tree, 

Vieux Oak Tree invitations on cream plantable paper

Vieux Oak invitations on

Delicate watercolor blooms tree

Victoria from Del Mar is getting married this coming April. She fell in love with our Spring Blooms tree. Featured in our unique all in One format.

All in One Wedding Invitations - Spring Blooms Tree
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Cream & Elephant Gray seeded papers

Just to illustrate our popular cream seeded paper against the Elephant gray paper. Both handmade with love, 100% recycled paper and embedded with colorful wildflower seeds! DIY seeded papers.

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Getting Married under a tree?

A couple of new fonts illustrated here. They will be available for our brides really soon!
Happy Thanksgiving to you! It's been a fantastic year!

Tree wedding Invitations

Hand-Drawn Poppies invitation goes All in One

Perfect for couples with a romantic and vibrant style.  Printed on 100% recycled, seeded paper which blooms into wildflowers (once planted). Featured in Orchid Pink on seeded paper. As always, custom color(s) welcomed.

Hand-drawn poppies - All in One invitations
 More Seeded Paper Invitations (embedded with wildflowers)

New Sprouts from Wildflower Seeded paper

Here's a picture to cheer up your heart. Our Heat collection is sprouting!

Little sprouts have germinated from our wildflower seeded paper. We couldn't wait for spring! So we starting planting our cards. Which we do on every other week. (Heart Thank you notes), indoor.

Follow this link for full planting instructions, plus a video.

Heart Thank you notes on cream seeded paper - SPROUTING
As always, our cards are printed on 100% recycled paper, embedded with wildflower seeds. 

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Peonies in Wonderland in Top 5 "Peonies that pop"

Our Peonies in Wonderland wedding invitations were found in top 5 "peonies that pop" (link). 
A sweet ForeverFiances design filled with lovely flowers is perfect for an elegant & refined wedding. Printed on 100% recycled, seeded paper which blooms into wildflowers (once planted). Featured in Purple (Deep Purple/Light Purple)
Peonies in Wonderland on cream) seeded paper (Deep Purple)

Discover our Floral Wedding Invitations new award won the award of "best invitations" in San Diego, this year 2011. We're delighted; it has been an exceptional year. Our green wedding invitations have traveled all around the world. From California to Australia, back to USA and Europe. This is Alexandra's story. She grew up in Orange County, now lives in Western Australia and met an Irish man. They're getting married in beautiful Dublin's countryside. How wonderful!

This is their invitations:
Lavender seeded paper (purple/green print) - available here

this is a picture of our award Receives 2011 San Diego Award

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New Collection - Pink Orchids (premium)

Our watercolor pink orchids invitations is embedded with wildflower seeds, conveys the elegance and grace of colored tropical Hawaii inspired flowers. Perfect for the artistic couple celebrating nature. Printed on 100% recycled handmade paper on seeded paper.

Pink Orchids Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper
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Holiday Cards on Seeded Paper

San Diego's weather has been fantastic, reaching 90 today!

Wildflowers seeds sprouting from our holiday card. We're getting ready to plant the card.

Holiday Cards on Seeded Paper

Holiday card on seeded paper
Thank you notes on seeded paper

Holiday greeting cards are sprouting!

Introducing our new collection "Happy Dots", holidays greeting cards, created with on our handmade seeded paper. We've sprouted a few cards. The warm fall San Diego weather helped :)

order yours here (1 for $4.95)
Holiday greetings cards Seeded paper

Sea Shepherd

ForeverFiances is now adding as a preferred environmental organization. Make sure to specify if you would like to contribute to this organization when you place your order.

Find out more about

Sail Away on gray elephant seeded paper
Ocean Collection on cream seeded paper (Pacifica print)

More Beach Wedding Invitations on seeded paper

Sweet Seeds now on plantabe paper!

When Heather requested that we marry our classic sweet seeds collection with our new premium watercolors, she received this beautiful invitation! Printed on 100% recycled, seeded paper which blooms into wildflowers. Featured in Purple & Green on cream plantable paper.

Sweet Seeds on Cream Seeded Paper (Purple and Green watercolor)

More details on this unique wedding invitation.
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Indian Smile - now available in All in One format

You asked for it. We listened. Our most delicate Indian theme invitation. Thank you Meena! "they are just beautiful". illustrated here with Buddha and Paprika red print, on our popular Desert Brown Garden Herbs Paper.

Indian Smile - Send n' Seal invitations
See Indian Smile wedding stationery on our website.
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Hand-drawn Ganesh available on request.

Rider of the West

Olivia and Beau are getting married! They live in San Diego but were both born in the mid-west. She's from Missoula and loves horses. Naturally they're getting married on a ranch! Get ready to line dance and celebrate their love for the wild your way!
Rider of the West Invitations - 100% recycled paper

Ideal for a western cowboy-inspired ceremony
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On a beach in January

In honor of our founders, married in San Diego in January 2006, we have created a special edition of the Sea Shells wedding programs. Envisioned with our always exceptional natural white speckled recycled paper,  this super affordable programs (as low as $1.69) were directly inspired from their wedding on the beach.

Sea Shell Wedding Program - Teal
Find more love on the beach invitations for your wedding :)
Happy Labor Day weekend.

New Collection - Upstate NY (winter tree edition)

Give your wedding stationery a relaxed and charming feel with the countryside themed Upstate NY, this unique invitation will set the stage for your special day, close to our wintery tree. Made with 100% recycled paper.

Upstate NY Tree - 100% recycled paper invitations

See it on our website: Upstate NY invitations

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Jessica and Steve natural Garden Wedding!

They met in a park, exchanged their first "I love you" in a rose garden, got engaged near a lake, and will marry in the Balboa Park;s garden,  San Diego. 

Steve is an outdoor man, hiking, climbing, running and surfing. Jessica loves poetry, practices yoga and love butterflies. Live their love for nature in our garden's jewels wedding invitations. Designed with two shades of purple - they are lovely in blue and green, on cream seeded paper, plantable into colorful wildflowers.

Plantable Wedding Invitations | Garden Jewels

More info on the Garden Jewels Wedding Invitations
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Kathryn and Stephen are having a Vintage Romantic Wedding!

Created with their wishes in mind. Simplicity, vintage but modern at the same time, in other words, timeless. They live in San Francisco and love antique furniture store, the Anthropologie store (Kathryn :) and old French music. They agree to share their vintage romantic wedding suite with the world, so we posted it!

Printed on our fabulous white seeded paper, always 100% recycled paper, handmade with love.
Antique Lettering Wedding Invitations - Deep Purpe/Gray on cream seeded paper

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Samples in the making

Just sharing a couple of colorful pictures - straight from our sample department. It is a beautiful sunny day in San Diego!

samples in the making

samples: My Love Rosie (top left) always popular :)

Order a sample is easy - just visit this page

All in One invitations for a Destination Wedding

Ideal for a destination wedding into a hot and Latin country, this wedding invitation will set the stage with its unique plantable seeded paper, printed with warm and colorful tones. It will inspire happiness to all your guests as they gather to celebrate on your magical day. Printed on 100% recycled, seeded paper which blooms into wildflowers. 

Feliz all in one invitations - on white seeded paper (grass green / black print)

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Peonies Wedding invitations

Displayed on our beautiful Tiffany Blue seeded paper, our Peonies in Wonderland collection is the perfect marriage of colors (brown and blue), flowers (hand-drawn peonies) and uniqueness (handmade paper you can plant into wildflowers). Voted best peonies wedding invitations by Thank you Camilla and Nathan from down under! Many blessings!
Peonies in Wonderland - Tiffany blue seeded paper (Chocolate brown ink)
Peonies Wedding Invitations
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Created with Musicians in Mind

Holly and Jordan are musicians in Pensylvannia, they fell in love at a Rock concert (and with our new collection Acoustic Melody). Inspired from an old guitar from the sixties, symbol of creativity and rock'n roll, this guitar invitation is perfect for music lovers.
Acoustic Melody Wedding Invitations - Cream seeded paper (Green Pasture Ink)

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Perfect Commitment Ceremony Invitations

Just added. Our delightful Amsterdam Roses collection, perfect to invites your guests to your commitment ceremony.
Whether or not you're getting married surrounded by the rose gardens of Amsterdam, this design will bring the beauty of the flower to you and your guests. Printed on 100% recycled, seeded paper which blooms into wildflowers (once planted).

Featured on cream de lait seeded paper (Begonia pink print)

 Discover more plantable invitations with roses, you can easily customize with your text and colors.

Bright Green Wedding Invitations to celebrate Spring

To celebrate spring, we wanted to share our current brides's favorite: the "Pretty Leaf" collection. 

A Brightly colored invitations, highlighted by organic small leaves, makes this wedding suite a perfect for the modern green couple, rooted in nature. Printed on 100% recycled, green seeded paper which grow garden herbs (once planted).
green wedding invitations

Green Wedding Invitations - Bright Green Seeded Paper 100% recycled

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The "Wired" Collection

The new "wired" collection will bring joy to any chic bride and her guests. Featuring adorable birds on wires, the invitations are symbolic of love, peace, and freedom. Take a look at how you can customize the invitation with your own font and paper colors.

New Menu Designs

We've added new menu designs to our collection of wedding stationary! The unique menus are a perfect compliment to your wedding invitations, place cards, and thank you notes. On 100% recycled paper embedded with wild flower seeds, guests will love to take the menus home and have a lasting souvenir...that grows!
Go ahead and browse our new designs.

Timeless, Tree Bark Invitations (Weddings or Special Occasions)

Tree Bark Wedding Invitations - embedded with wildflowers seeds
Nestled into the bark of the legendary family oak tree, this wedding suite will inspire organic beauty. Perfect for your eco-chic wedding.  Your wedding deserves the greenest invitations!  Printed on handmade plantable paper which will bloom into wildflowers once planted. Discover the Tree Bark collection.
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SHHHHHHHH...It's a surprise...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Surprise! We have new categories for 2011. Check them out as we continue to expand. We are now offering of all our fantastic & exclusive designs as party invitations. We will soon be adding products to the following fun categories: Birthday Party Invitations, Graduation Announcements, and Religious Celebrations. The invite featured above is our new Champs Elysees "Shhhh...." Surprise birthday party invitation. Check back soon for more exciting designs!

100% Biodegradable Wedding Invitations!

ForeverFiances is a strong supporter of helping the environment and preserving the world we live in order to maintain all of its natural beauty that surrounds us.

Our company operates under a strict policy of reducing the CO2 emission. Our offices utilize eco-friendly supplies, such as post-consumer packaging materials and energy efficient Apple computers.

Our most unique contribution to this cause is our unique plantable paper. Not only is it embedded with wildflower seeds, we also have some new colors that contain a garden's herb mixture. This mixture includes oregano & thyme seeds; while our newest color, Desert Brown includes those seeds along with it's exclusive collection of basil, chives, and parsley. Not only do these invitations then become an addition to your garden they are fully biodegradable. This means we are keeping true to our mission to reduce waste and help give back to the environment!

The Knot Best of Weddings 2011

"We are proud to announce that ForeverFiances has been rated by local brides and voted The Knot Best of Weddings 2011 Pick"

 Check out our newest 100% recycled plantable paper, handmade with so much Love!

Plantable Invitations Perfect For Spring!

Japanese Beauty All in One invitations
If your wedding is quickly approaching this Spring time or Summer now is the time to order some our unique wedding invitations that come printed on 100% recycled premium handmade paper that is plantable into wildflower seeds. We also have seeded paper that is embedded with our special garden herbs mix. Bright Green contains oregano & thyme seeds while our newest paper, Desert Brown, has a collection of oregano, thyme, basil, chives and parsley. The picture above is displaying our Japanese Beauty collection on our most popular format, the Californian All-in-One. Click here to view our other designs and formats featuring our eco-friendly Plantable Paper.

Weddings Unveiled features ForeverFiances

ForeverFiances was recently featured on Completely Unveiled, a fashionable online forum for stylish and sophisticated wedding ideas. This blog was conceived by Weddings Unveiled, a premier wedding magazine that covers everything weddings and has become one of the most popular wedding publications in the country. Click here to see the article. ForeverFiances provided the wedding invitations for Merryl & Neil for their extravagant destination wedding at Orcas Island. They chose the Pegasus design on our unique format, All-in-One invitations, which were printed on 100% recycled paper.