Chalk Quinceanera Invitations

Your Princess' 15th birthday has arrived! Shower her with the most unique quincearena invitations in the country.  Made with 100% recycled paper, handmade in California, our birthday invitations will set the stage for your teen special birthday.

Quinceanera invitations on 100% recycled chalk paper

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Unique Quinceanera Invitations: Plant a Seed of Love!

A Quinceanera is a very special time for a young lady. It is a time in her life that will be unforgettable. When it comes to planning your Quinceanera, no detail should go unnoticed. The food, the cake, the beautiful dress, music and gifts will all come together to create a beautiful event that will create long-lasting memories for this very special occasion.

Watercolor Quinceanera invitations - Spring Blooms Tree

Now the invitations should also be creative and memorable. Your guests will delight when they open out-of-the-ordinary, unique Quinceanera invitations embedded with wildflower seeds. They can plant the invitations and watch them grow in the spring and be reminded of the very special memories of your daughter or loved one's Quinceanera.

With a very special message and a beautifully decorated card to send the announcement of your "little" girl birthday. The plantable quinceanera invitations will not only blossom into beautiful flowers, but they will serve as a symbol of a girl blossoming into a young lady. Ex is simple and beautiful. Flowers are a lot like young ladies and the seeds are a small token of affection and appreciation for the people who have played a part in the young lady's life.

Butterfly quinceanera invitations on white seeded paper

The seeds that accompany the invitation are very unique in the way they are delivered. These are not seeds in a baggy or what you would probably imagine. Instead, these seeds are actually embedded onto the beautiful invitation itself. The handmade invitation can be planted and from it will grow beautiful flowers or garden herbs such as basil, oregano or thyme (depending of your choice of paper). This is a lovely way to announce the Quinceanera of a special young lady and the invitation will be one that friends and family will not soon forget.

Floral Swirls quinceanera invitations on lavender seeded paper

The seeded paper makes planting the seeds convenient and free of any messes. Simply placing the paper into soil and watering will soon bring about sprouting wildflowers. Customizable messages that accompany the invitations will make for an exquisite and elegant way to invite your guests.

This unique touch will be a pleasant surprise to your guests. While there are many invitations to choose from, ForeverFiances award wining invitations are very special and hold a symbolic meaning. Welcome your guests to this special celebration with unique Quinceanera invitations.

Chalkboard Wedding Invitations

The perfect wedding invitations are not only beautiful mementos, but they demonstrate the quality of your taste and concern for the environment--and chalkboard wedding invitations would be wonderful pieces of your wedding memorabilia that you and your guests will treasure forever.

blackboard chalk wedding programs

Beautiful Mementos

You would like wedding invitations that are going to not only tell people about the most important details of your event, but you want to make a memento of your special day for guests and yourself which you can all collect as family keepsakes.  There are several elements about these chalkboard wedding invitations that make them ideal:
  • These invitations are elegant
  • The chalkboard artwork is timeless.
  • Both you and your guests will have a lovely memory of one of the most important days of your life.

Summer Stories has been a favorite for years 🌼

This wedding invitation conveys a natural watercolor flower bouquet for your Eco-chic wedding. Illustrated with our premium 100% recycled paper, chalkboard.

summer stories wedding invitations chalk version

chalk wedding invitations

The Quality of Your Taste

The type of wedding invitation you send out says a lot about you and your fashion savvy.  Of course, the quality of the invitation you send out is also a subtle symbol of your social status and what you value.  One of these quality invitations will demonstrate to your guests that you have good taste and are a selective individual. 

Your Concern for the Environment

Of course, what is also a very important element about these invitations is that they are made from 100% recycled paper.  Therefore, you can rest assured that these invitations are completely "green." 

Chalkboard Wedding Invitations Romantic

It's becoming increasingly popular in society to be able to utilize paper products that are either completely recycled or at least produced with
a majority of recyclable materials.  Since society is moving towards becoming garbageless every day, it's important to send out invitations that are mindful of the environment and friendly to the planet.  This demonstrates your commitment to save the environment and your consciousness of the choices that you make.  This shows your guests that you are concerned about the future of the earth and everyone else's well-being as well.  So, it is not only a popular move to "go green" with all the materials you use in your wedding, but it's also a more environmentally progressive choice which lets people know that you are supporting others to do the same.

Chalkboard wedding invitations not only make beautiful mementos, but show the quality of your taste and demonstrate your concern for the environment.
Discover our chalkboard wedding invitations, printed on premium 100% recycled paper.

royal wedding invitations on chalkboard invitations
Chalkboard Wedding Invitations - Vintage Peonies