Peonies in Wonderland in Top 5 "Peonies that pop"

Our Peonies in Wonderland wedding invitations were found in top 5 "peonies that pop" (link). 
A sweet ForeverFiances design filled with lovely flowers is perfect for an elegant & refined wedding. Printed on 100% recycled, seeded paper which blooms into wildflowers (once planted). Featured in Purple (Deep Purple/Light Purple)
Peonies in Wonderland on cream) seeded paper (Deep Purple)

Discover our Floral Wedding Invitations new award won the award of "best invitations" in San Diego, this year 2011. We're delighted; it has been an exceptional year. Our green wedding invitations have traveled all around the world. From California to Australia, back to USA and Europe. This is Alexandra's story. She grew up in Orange County, now lives in Western Australia and met an Irish man. They're getting married in beautiful Dublin's countryside. How wonderful!

This is their invitations:
Lavender seeded paper (purple/green print) - available here

this is a picture of our award Receives 2011 San Diego Award

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New Collection - Pink Orchids (premium)

Our watercolor pink orchids invitations is embedded with wildflower seeds, conveys the elegance and grace of colored tropical Hawaii inspired flowers. Perfect for the artistic couple celebrating nature. Printed on 100% recycled handmade paper on seeded paper.

Pink Orchids Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper
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Holiday Cards on Seeded Paper

San Diego's weather has been fantastic, reaching 90 today!

Wildflowers seeds sprouting from our holiday card. We're getting ready to plant the card.

Holiday Cards on Seeded Paper

Holiday card on seeded paper
Thank you notes on seeded paper

Holiday greeting cards are sprouting!

Introducing our new collection "Happy Dots", holidays greeting cards, created with on our handmade seeded paper. We've sprouted a few cards. The warm fall San Diego weather helped :)

order yours here (1 for $4.95)
Holiday greetings cards Seeded paper

Sea Shepherd

ForeverFiances is now adding as a preferred environmental organization. Make sure to specify if you would like to contribute to this organization when you place your order.

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Sail Away on gray elephant seeded paper
Ocean Collection on cream seeded paper (Pacifica print)

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