Growing Like Wildflowers

Our unique plantable paper is sure to make your invitations stand out and wow your guests! They are invitations you can grow, a green eco-friendly idea like no other.  100% handmade in the USA, the paper is embedded with wildflower or garden herb seeds. Keeping the environment in mind, the 100% recycled paper is created with carbon neutral energy (wind energy).

There is no specific way to plant the paper but we do have a recommended procedure:
  1. First wrap the paper in a moist paper towel or a sandwich bag, and place it behind a window, so it receives direct sunlight for about 2 weeks. Make sure the paper stays moist.
  2. After the seeds start to germinate, prepare a pot of (organic) soil in your garden. Place the moistened paper on top and cover it with a thin layer of soil.
  3. Water well - especially in the first 6-8 weeks - and make sure it receives plenty of sunshine.
We have also heard from customers that they simply moistened the paper and planted it directly in a pot of soil with positive results. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the seeds will bloom into wildflowers or garden herbs.

With luck you'll end up with beautiful results like these - Happy Growing!

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Wildflowers Wedding Invitations | ForeverFiances

Beautiful watercolor Floral Grace. A beautiful collage of flowers, leaves and ferns are sure to brighten up your special day. Printed on premium handmade 100% recycled paper, which will bloom into wildflowers once planted.

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