Plantable Wedding Favors

Cards embedded with wildflower seeds

Julie and Marc are wine lovers and they got married in the wine country. They gathered their friends and family in the beautiful landscape of Napa Valley to bring their hearts together and share as one on a day that will remain significant in their lives forever. After toasting with Julie's favorite wine, Sauvignon Blanc, they kissed and enjoyed the applause from friends and family alike.  It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining over the hills. The perfect California climate helps harvest some of the best grapes to produce fresh, delicious wine. They chose the perfect wedding favors to thank all the guests that attended their wedding, Wine Country!
Wine Country
Melanie and Charles loved to read.  They had met at a bookstore and both shared an interest in tales and fables set in old England such as the Three Musketeers and King Arthur. In fact they even set a round table at their reception for the wedding party. Decorated with elegant tapestries and stable themed table cloths, their wedding was definitely unique. Instead of the modern tuxedo, the groomsmen had suits with frilly shirts and stitched pants. The bridesmaids wore pointed hats with trains, similar to that of the wedding dress. They really looked like something out of a Renaissance fair. It wasn't a tough decision to select a suitable wedding favor to let their friends and family know they appreciated their company. They selected Fables Initials!
Fables Initials
 Jenny and Frank were childhood sweethearts. They met before high school and grew up on the same street. How lucky were the two that they fell in love at a young age and the fire that sparked between them never stopped burning? They got married in their neighborhood park where they shared so many fond memories together. Getting married in an outdoor setting is always a gamble in the Midwest and they were lucky enough that it didn't start to rain until after the ceremony was ending. All the guests rushed into hall for the reception, with only a few drips. Their celebration was a success and everyone had a grand time. Jenny and Frank remembered climbing trees and carving their initials inside a heart in the woods at the end of their street. That is why they knew the Tree We Climbed Into wedding favors were the best way to thank their loved ones for joining their love celebration!
Tree We Climbed Into
These are just some prime examples of what ForeverFiances has to offer to thank your guests for attending your wedding. Wedding favors, donation cards and gift tags are a unique way to say thank you from the traditional Thank you cards. There are an array of designs to select from such as animals, hena flowers, scripts and trees. You are sure to find something that meets your style and matches your dream wedding!

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Unique Country Wedding Invitations

Growing up with a barn and lots of land Michael missed the space and outdoors he took for granted.  He had moved to the city, the Big Apple from upstate New York to pursue a career in photography.  He loved the timeless architecture and modern marvels that the city had to offer.  It was a tough decision to leave his friends and family after graduating from Cornell University but it was his dream to move to New York City and start a new life full of wonder and excitement. Things were going well and he planned a trip back home to visit his parents.  He couldn't wait to get back to the barn and pond in the back pasture that always makes him happy and listen to the bull frogs and catch up on some fishing.
Upstate NY Wedding Invitations

Happy Barn
Rustic Wedding Invitations - Happy Barn
Once back in his hometown he settled back in his old room and unpacked. He spent the afternoon relaxing and catching up with his parents on the back porch.  After a delicious dinner he decided to stop by the old watering hole and see if he would run into some familiar faces. Sure enough he saw Jimmy from high school and more interesting was Mary Beth, his old crush from the next town over. He knew her from rival football games and big events like the county fair.  She was good friends with his best friend's sister. He sat down next to her and offered to buy her a drink.  She smiled and politely said yes. He asked her what she had been up to and if she still was friends with Daisy. They were still close and she had been working at the dairy mill for the past many years after high school.  He told her about his adventures at Cornell and his exciting journey to the city. She had grown up only hours away from the city but had never been. Michael couldn't believe it. He insisted that she come visit him one weekend in the summer and he would give her the grand tour. She said yes but only on one condition, that he escort her to the country line dance the next evening at the town hall. He wasn't much of a dancer but he quickly accepted the proposal.

Wildflowers Wreath Wedding invitations

Boots & Spurs
Western Wedding Invitation - Boots & Spurs
They danced the night away and it was one they would never forget.  The fell for each other and after a long conversation they discovered they had both shared a mutual crush back in high school for one another. She came to visit him in the city a month later and they decided to commence a serious relationship.  Every weekend one would drive either north to the country or south to the city and spend the weekend with much love and happiness.  They would ride horses and relax in the charming countryside. It was less than a year later that Michael made his own proposal for Mary Beth's hand in marriage.  They were both excited and she said yes, of course. It was a perfect match and they were elated to spend the rest of their life together.
Wild Horse
Western Wedding Cards - Wild Horse
Charming Countryside
Green Wedding Invitations - Charming Countryside
With ForeverFiances unique country wedding invitations there are many themes and designs to choose from. The ones displayed here are only a few examples of the many different invitations and matching stationery that are sure to match any country wedding. There are the All in Ones, Classic (5"x7") and Eco formats to match any budget. 

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Winter Wondlerland Wedding Invitations

As the snow fell down gently on a winter’s night Martin noticed the delicate beauty of how each individual snowflake was unique.  He wanted to find that special someone that would be unique to him and share his deepest thoughts and secrets with.  A woman that would make him smile and feel lucky everyday, was his biggest wish. Christmas was quickly approaching and he wished he had someone to share it with besides just his family.  He always dreamed of having multiple Christmas celebrations at with his family and his love’s family.  Maybe next year he thought to himself and smiled with hope.
Seal and Send Wedding Invitations - Snow Fall
Trees in the snow
Winter Wedding Invitations ~ Aspen in the Snow
 It was that time of year to go Christmas tree shopping with his father.  They ventured to the meadow where they got to hunt for the perfect spruce and cut it down themselves, fresh and lively! They found the winner and on the drive back home he asked his father to retell the story of how he met his mother. It was a simple tale but it always gave his father great pleasure to tell it.  They had met in college at the library. They had coincidentally gone there to read the same book, as they were in the same class for Psychology.  Martin’s father had arrived first and already found the book.  He was studying and working on the newest assignment. Martin’s mother went to the shelf and could not find it but his father had sat at the closest table and she noticed he had the book she needed.  She approached the table and politely asked if she could join him to work on the assignment.  A gentleman that he was, he obliged her request and they sat close and got to know each other. At the end of study session he asked her if she would like to do this again sometime and that’s how it began. They would meet at the same library at the same table for the rest of the semester and soon their friendship blossomed into love. Martin hoped that he would have a similar encounter that would change his life.  

ForeverFiances has designed the greenest wedding invitation that is 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable. Featuring the unique format: All In One Invitations; Including a detachable RVSP card, mailed without an envelope (optional). The heart of the invitation is its paper. Simply put: handmade 100% recycled paper, embedded with wildflowers seeds. Which means that your guests can plant your invites in their garden and thus, dispose them in the most environmentally-friendly way.

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Garden Herbs seeded paper invitations


Seeded Paper Place Cards Perfect keepsakes for your guests. 100% biodegradable. Matching your invitations
Seeded paper place cards

Invitations With Chalkboard

Forbidden love is always enticing.  There is something in human nature that makes us want to do what we are told we are not allowed to do.  But what really makes it wrong?  A prime example of forbidden love, no not the classic and timeless tale of Romeo and Juliet, but a college professor and a student, may not be as cliché as you may think.  In this day and age love can blossom anywhere between anyone. Depending on the University’s regulations it may or may not be acceptable.  In the case of Douglas and Tiffany it was.  Everyday Tiffany would gaze at her professor with birds of love dancing around her head.  Douglas was a smart, intellectual and caring young man.  Only five years older than her, she dreamed of her chance to claim him as his own.  She watched him write notes on the chalkboard, because he liked the idea of old fashion lectures and teaching, not all the online podcasts and PowerPoint presentations that have taken over our higher educational system.
Starry nights walking home from student parties left Tiffany wanting more.  She wanted a mature man with a beautiful mind and vast knowledge.  The football jocks and party animals just didn’t tickle her fancy. She dreamed of the perfect time to ask out her professor but was not sure if that moment would ever come.  She had flirted with him after class and even went to a couple of his office hours to discuss projects and upcoming exams but didn’t want to make the dynamic awkward.  Weeks later she got her wish! She was invited to an extravagant evening filled with dinner and dancing her aunt was hosting at the Marine Room. No better time than the present so she made her move one day after class.  With a smile on her face and charm in her step she approached Douglas and handed him the invitation.  It was so fitting she thought as the invitation she received from her aunt was printed on black recycled paper made to look like a chalk board.
Douglas gladly accepted the invitation and that marked the beginning of their endless journey.  Throughout the next two years they grew closer and fell deeply in love.  Many dates and romantic evenings brought these two into a bond they didn’t know was possible.  They knew the timing was right and they started planning their dream wedding.  They found the perfect invitation to portray their love and style.  They chose the chalkboard wedding invitation – Royal & Sophisticated.
ForeverFiances is continuing to expand their selection of Chalkboard Wedding Invitations.  With already so many options to choose from, the new and fresh look will be sure to excite your friends and family.  Whether it be for your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, religious celebration, gala, or corporate event, these invites are perfect for any occasion.  We also offer thank you cards, menus and inserts customized to match your invitations!  Come see what we have to offer!