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Growing up with a barn and lots of land Michael missed the space and outdoors he took for granted.  He had moved to the city, the Big Apple from upstate New York to pursue a career in photography.  He loved the timeless architecture and modern marvels that the city had to offer.  It was a tough decision to leave his friends and family after graduating from Cornell University but it was his dream to move to New York City and start a new life full of wonder and excitement. Things were going well and he planned a trip back home to visit his parents.  He couldn't wait to get back to the barn and pond in the back pasture that always makes him happy and listen to the bull frogs and catch up on some fishing.
Upstate NY Wedding Invitations

Happy Barn
Rustic Wedding Invitations - Happy Barn
Once back in his hometown he settled back in his old room and unpacked. He spent the afternoon relaxing and catching up with his parents on the back porch.  After a delicious dinner he decided to stop by the old watering hole and see if he would run into some familiar faces. Sure enough he saw Jimmy from high school and more interesting was Mary Beth, his old crush from the next town over. He knew her from rival football games and big events like the county fair.  She was good friends with his best friend's sister. He sat down next to her and offered to buy her a drink.  She smiled and politely said yes. He asked her what she had been up to and if she still was friends with Daisy. They were still close and she had been working at the dairy mill for the past many years after high school.  He told her about his adventures at Cornell and his exciting journey to the city. She had grown up only hours away from the city but had never been. Michael couldn't believe it. He insisted that she come visit him one weekend in the summer and he would give her the grand tour. She said yes but only on one condition, that he escort her to the country line dance the next evening at the town hall. He wasn't much of a dancer but he quickly accepted the proposal.

Wildflowers Wreath Wedding invitations

Boots & Spurs
Western Wedding Invitation - Boots & Spurs
They danced the night away and it was one they would never forget.  The fell for each other and after a long conversation they discovered they had both shared a mutual crush back in high school for one another. She came to visit him in the city a month later and they decided to commence a serious relationship.  Every weekend one would drive either north to the country or south to the city and spend the weekend with much love and happiness.  They would ride horses and relax in the charming countryside. It was less than a year later that Michael made his own proposal for Mary Beth's hand in marriage.  They were both excited and she said yes, of course. It was a perfect match and they were elated to spend the rest of their life together.
Wild Horse
Western Wedding Cards - Wild Horse
Charming Countryside
Green Wedding Invitations - Charming Countryside
With ForeverFiances unique country wedding invitations there are many themes and designs to choose from. The ones displayed here are only a few examples of the many different invitations and matching stationery that are sure to match any country wedding. There are the All in Ones, Classic (5"x7") and Eco formats to match any budget. 

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