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Sunflower Wedding Invitations on white seeded paper

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Don't forget to plant your invitations

Once sprouted (you can even do in the winter, indoor behind a window), beak down the paper and get ready to plant! See full planting instructions.

breaking down the paper in pieces, before planting

Happy Holiday from the ForeverFiances!

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A guitar theme your wedding invitation | Rock On!

Holly and Jordan are musicians in Pensylvannia, they fell in love at a Rock concert (and with our new collection Acoustic Melody). Inspired from an old guitar from the sixties, symbol of creativity and rock'n roll, this guitar invitation is perfect for music lovers.
guitar wedding invitations
Acoustic Melody Wedding Invitations - Cream seeded paper (Green Pasture Ink)
Guitar Theme Wedding Place Cards

Acoustic Melody on cream de lait seeded paper (embedded with wildflowers) - Terre de Sienne & Green Pasture ink

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Vieux Oak Tree invitations

it is the love story with an old family oak tree, 

Vieux Oak Tree invitations on cream plantable paper

Vieux Oak invitations on

Delicate watercolor blooms tree

Victoria from Del Mar is getting married this coming April. She fell in love with our Spring Blooms tree. Featured in our unique all in One format.

All in One Wedding Invitations - Spring Blooms Tree
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Cream & Elephant Gray seeded papers

Just to illustrate our popular cream seeded paper against the Elephant gray paper. Both handmade with love, 100% recycled paper and embedded with colorful wildflower seeds! DIY seeded papers.

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