Bat Mitzvah Invitations

Life is a dynamic journey that has its fair share of ups and downs. To take full advantage of all the good things that come our way, it's nice to throw a celebration during times of happiness and joy.

From high school graduations and college graduations to birthday parties and marriages, there are plenty of life events that deserve having a party for. For Jewish girls who are making the transition from adolescence to adulthood, Bat Mitzvahs are held to celebrate their acceptance into the Jewish community with full membership and the right to participate in all religious activities. This joyous occasion is spent with friends and the extended family eating, dancing, and engaging in religious rituals. If you are planning to throw a Bat Mitzvah for your precious little girl, ForeverFiances has the greatest selection of Bat Mitzvah invitations around.

Why Choose ForeverFiances for Your Bat Mitzvah Needs?

Shalom (Tree of Life) - Bat Mitzvah Invitations on Tiffany Blue seeded paper

"ForeverFiances invitations are the most Eco-Friendly" Cindy W

ForeverFiances specializes in special event invitations that are made of 100% recyclable paper. Everything from the paper invitation itself to the envelope it is wrapped in can be recycled. The company prides itself on producing the most creative and highest-quality invitations while remaining eco-friendly at the same time. ForeverFiances is very committed to promoting sustainable resources and the conservation of waste so that we can preserve our already limited resources while reducing pollution.

Spring Blooms Tree - Bat Mitzvah Invitations on white seeded paper

"The Most Unique Invitations " Lisa GoldBerg

The beautiful Bat Mitzvah invitations, along with the rest of the invitation line-up, are designed with the signature "plantable paper" that contains a randomized assortment of flower seeds. If just having the invitation is not a good enough reminder of this important stage in your lovely daughter's life, plant the paper in soil and water to watch it sprout flowers to remind you of how beautiful the occasion was. You even have the option of customizing your invitations by sending in your own designs so that they can be applied to the blank plantable paper.

Love Scene - Bat Mitzvah Invitations on green seeded paper

A Green Bat Mitzvah is a Good Bat Mitzvah

Your daughter's Bat Mitzvah is a precious moment in her life that is an important stepping stone for her future. If the future of your children is the most important thing in your life, help to preserve it by using ForeverFiances Bat Mitzvah invitations. Green stationery will aid in preserving our trees and forests so that your kids get the opportunity to enjoy their adult years like you did. If you want affordable, environmentally-friendly products that are unique and memorable, purchase your invitations from ForeverFiances.

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