Where to Buy Plantable Paper!

Where can you buy plantable paper? ForeverFiances, of course! We love our signature handmade 100% recycled plantable paper, embedded with wildflower or garden herb seeds and we are sure you will love them too!

Plantable Papers


What is your favorite color? Chances are we have it available in one of our seeded papers.
Plainsheets Colors

Plain Sheets

Feeling crafty? Maybe you have a special project in mind! These high quality handmade seeded paper sheets show a profound respect for our Mother Earth. Made from 100% recycled paper, and manufactured with carbon neutral energy (wind energy), this plantable paper stock will delight your guests, and, once planted, will bloom into colorful wildflowers or garden herbs.

These sheets are the same size as your printer paper, 8.5" x 11" but don't try to run them through your home printer! You will clog your printer with seeds and possibly damage the paper.  Let us do the printing for you: Premium Printing on Seeded Paper


Green Thumb

Planting your cards is simple and fun!
For best results, plant the seeds in the spring or year round if you plan to grow indoors.
  1. To plant the paper, first wrap it in a moist paper towel or a sandwich bag, and place it behind a window, so it receives direct sunlight for about 2 weeks. Make sure the paper stays moist. 
  2. After the seeds start to germinate, you can prepare a pot of {organic} soil in your garden. Place the moistened paper on top and cover it with a thin layer of soil. 
  3. Water well - especially within the first 6-8 weeks - make sure it receives plenty of sunshine. 
 Plantable Paper Seeds Sprouting

Wildflower Garden|

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ForeverFiances offers a vibrant collection of plantable papers, perfect for eco-friendly projects. The handmade, recycled sheets, embedded with wildflower or garden herb seeds, add a unique touch to any occasion
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