Buy a Seeded Paper Greeting Card, Grow a Garden

Green is in, and eco-friendly has taken top seat. But there are still cards to be sent out to family and friends, and paper to be consumed. There remains just one question:

Where will I get my next greeting cards? Cards that are environmentally conscious, fresh, and leaves a lasting impression.

Our greeting cards are perfect for any occasion, from thank you cards, sympathy cards, birthday cards, and the all-purpose blank card. Choose from a wide assortment of designs to suit your fancy.

Seeded Paper Greeting Cards

The cards are made with biodegradable eco-paper using wind energy in the US and are embedded with an assortment of wildflower seeds. Our paper is handmade and is 100% recycled, so no trees were harmed to make this paper!

When the paper is planted, the seeds grow and the paper composts away, leaving no waste and leaving your lucky recipient with a beautiful garden of wildflowers.

Here's how to plant our seeded paper greeting cards:

For the best results, plant the seeds in the spring (after the last freeze, if you are in a cold region) or indoors.

Seeded paper greeting card
Paper towel or sandwich bag
A sunny spot next to a window
A pot for planting
Organic soil

Wrap the paper in a moist paper towel or a sandwich bag and place it next to a window where it gets direct sunlight for about 2 weeks. Make sure the paper stays moist.

When the seeds start to germinate, prepare a pot of organic soil in your garden. Place the moistened paper on top and cover it with a thin layer of soil.

Water your sprouts well—especially in the the first 6-8 weeks—and make sure it gets plenty of sunshine. Happy growing!

Start browsing our seeded paper greeting cards, and order one today with free shipping (and a free garden)!

How to plant your cards

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