Unique gala invitations

3 Reasons you should book us to create your invitations

Are you throwing a unique gala event in the near future? So, the stage is all set for you to greet your guests and have the fun of your life? Well – all you need to set the icing on the cake is to distribute unique gala invitations among your prospective guests.


Well, with time, we – ForeverFiances – have heard from our clients how they do not wish to print cards: some because of environmental concerns and some because they feel cards are tad bit too boring. If you are contemplating over the same issue, we’ve got you covered. We are ForeverFiances – one of the most premium card manufacturers in USA, operating mainly in Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Like you, we are extremely concerned about the environment and that’s why our forte remains to create eco-friendly unique gala invitations for you. Bewildered right? How can cards be eco-friendly? Here’s how –

1. We make cards with only 100% recycled papers. All the cards made by us are created out of discarded and recycled papers. The papers are then handmade by our in-house experts to present to you 100% organic and handmade cards that are premium in quality and eco-friendly as well.

2. We use only organic paints. Unlike other cards from some other manufacturers, we always use organic, vegetable paints to write on and craft your cards. Generally inks contain harsh chemicals that disrupt the environment and by creating cards painted with organic paints, we try our best to return absolutely no chemical to the environment.

3. Return something worthwhile to the environment. The environment gives us so many things for our benefit and well being. So, as a thank you note, we try and return something to the environment as well – through our clients. Our unique gala invitations include plantable invitation cards as well. These cards have got seeds of wildflower plants or garden herbs embedded within. So, that when your guests throw the cards, instead of getting accumulated as rubbish, they turn into beautiful bushes and plants. These cards also serve as return gifts to your guests – a gift that can be well-cherished by both your guests and the nature. 

Other than these, we have various eco-friendly themes that go perfectly in resonation with your idea of unique gala invitations. For accessing them all, drop by our wedding, birthday gala invitation website . Alternatively, you may also call our team up at 337-656-0026.