Top 5 Trends for Bat Mitzvah Invitations!

With our growing collection of Bat Mitzvah Invitations, we are sure to have something your daughter will love! Print them on our unique plantable paper and grow your own collection of gorgeous wildflowers. Traditional and modern designs from ForeverFiances Celebrations, matched with premium 100% recycled paper, either plantable or non-plantable, create the perfect invitations for your daughter's big day! Discover our top 5 trends for Bat Mitzvah invitations that are sure to impress your guests and make your daughter so happy she smiles from ear to ear.

Bat mitzvah Invitations

Watercolor Invitations

Our premium watercolors make bright and beautiful colors pop and really catch your guests' attention. What goes better with watercolors than beautiful, breathtaking floral designs? We have a great selection of Bat Mitzvah invitations illustrated with gorgeous flowers, perfect for a young woman who loves natural beauty. Your daughter will have a tough time choosing just one design! Wild Blooms is one of our newest designs that uses red, yellow, and purple flowers to create an elegant frame around your own text, allowing you and your daughter to come up with the perfect wording for her invitations. Add the matching insert cards if you to invite your guests to a special dinner,  include directions, or any other special information you didn't want to squeeze onto your invitations.
Wild Blooms Invitations
Wild Blooms

15 Colorful Indian Wedding Invitations

Indian weddings often require a great deal of planning and preparation. It is an elaborate ordeal, with a lot of detail and thought put into every step of the way. The invitations are a key part of every wedding and Indian wedding cards reflect the splendor of the ceremony by incorporating religious symbols, intricate designs, and bright colors. Contemporary styles blended with traditional Indian artistry, like Henna and Mehndi patterns, create beautiful invitations that can be used in any Indian wedding, and works especially well when the couple being married are from different cultures.
Indian Wedding Invitations

Indian Wedding Invitations

Indian Smile

Our Indian Smile wedding suite includes everything you could possibly need for a big wedding celebration. First Save the Date with our unique cards then prepare the perfect invitations! Be sure to send out insert cards to include any fun details such as lodging information, directions, or anything your heart desires. Don't forget the matching RSVP cards so you know exactly how many guests you will have and plan accordingly. Provide elegant programs, informing your guests of every detail of your ceremony. The reception is almost as important as the ceremony and your friends and family will be excited to celebrate with you, dancing, drinking and smiling! We have menus and table cards to match your invitations and bring your wedding suite full circle. When all is said and done you can use our unique plantable thank you cards to show your gratitude and appreciation to all your guests that helped make your wedding day so special. Invite them to plant the thank you cards and grow beautiful wildflowers in remembrance of your new life together with your spouse. Charming and intricate, the Indian Smile wedding suite features flowers, vines and leaves entangled to put a smile on your guests with its bright and warm design.  
Indian Smile Save the Date
Save the Dates
Plantable Indian Smile Wedding Invitations
Plantable Wedding Invitations

Trends for Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitations can be held all over the country and come in many different themes and styles. Popular trends that are starting to arise include chalkboards, wood panels, trees, kraft, and vintage themes. New ideas and designs are always being added to our huge collection of rustic invitations and we are showcasing some of these trendy themes today for all of you couples having an outdoor ceremony!
Rustic Wedding Invitations

Chalkboard Invitations

Chalkboards are all the rage this year and they continue to rise in popularity. They have been around for a few years but we are seeing updates across the wedding industry, making them more romantic, as well as rustic. Not only are there blackboard invitations, but we have released brown chalkboard invitations to really provide a vintage and leather look.
Romantic Lights
Romantic Lights