Top 5 Trends for Bat Mitzvah Invitations!

With our growing collection of Bat Mitzvah Invitations, we are sure to have something your daughter will love! Print them on our unique plantable paper and grow your own collection of gorgeous wildflowers. Traditional and modern designs from ForeverFiances Celebrations, matched with premium 100% recycled paper, either plantable or non-plantable, create the perfect invitations for your daughter's big day! Discover our top 5 trends for Bat Mitzvah invitations that are sure to impress your guests and make your daughter so happy she smiles from ear to ear.

Bat mitzvah Invitations

Watercolor Invitations

Our premium watercolors make bright and beautiful colors pop and really catch your guests' attention. What goes better with watercolors than beautiful, breathtaking floral designs? We have a great selection of Bat Mitzvah invitations illustrated with gorgeous flowers, perfect for a young woman who loves natural beauty. Your daughter will have a tough time choosing just one design! Wild Blooms is one of our newest designs that uses red, yellow, and purple flowers to create an elegant frame around your own text, allowing you and your daughter to come up with the perfect wording for her invitations. Add the matching insert cards if you to invite your guests to a special dinner,  include directions, or any other special information you didn't want to squeeze onto your invitations.
Wild Blooms Invitations
Wild Blooms

If your daughter is a fan of ferries, butterflies or anything whimsical we have the design that will match her vivid imagination! The Enchanted Meadow is decorated with so many beautiful colors illustrated in delicate butterflies and pretty flowers. Your daughter will long for her very own enchanted meadow after beholding these majestic Bat Mitzvah cards. Matching insert cards can accompany your fanciful invitations.
Enchanted Meadow Bat Mitzvah
Enchanted Meadow
Whimsical Bat Mitzvah Invitations
Enchanted Meadow Insert Cards
Blue or Pink? Our Botanical Blooms come in two colors that are both feminine and beautiful. Layered shades of blue and green or pink and purple paint a lovely picture of your daughter's birthday celebration that will change her life forever. The beautiful Botanical Blooms collection uses soft colors to accent your daughter's soft and delicate side. Matching RSVP cards are available so you know how many excited friends and family members can make it to this joyous occasion.
Botanical Blooms Invitations
Botanical Blooms
Botanical Blooms Pink
Botanical Blooms Insert Cards
Botanical Blooms RSVP
Beautiful flowers woven in a Star of David combine religious tradition with modern floral patterns to create a unique invitation any girl will love. The Floral Star design allows you to display an artistic touch to your family's religion beliefs. Your daughter will be the star of the day, while shining bright and beautiful! Send matching RSVP cards to confirm your final guest list.
Floral Star Suite
Floral Star
Floral Star Invitations
Floral Star RSVP

Wildflowers Bat mitzvah invitations

We saved what some say is the best for last. Wildflowers Prairie is a best seller, very popular among our Bat Mitzah clients. Why, might you ask? Because beautiful wildflowers along with vibrant colors bring this design to life! Every bold color you can imagine has been blended together in a representation of a vast prairie filled with brilliant wildflowers. Recreate the Wildflowers Prairie scene by planting your seeded paper Bat Mitzvah cards and watch the wildflowers begin to grow.
Wildflowers Prairie Invitations
Wildflowers Prarie
Wildflowers Prairie Bat Mitzvah

Chalkboard Invitations

Our newest craze is chalkboard invitations for Bat Mitzvahs. It is a trend that continues to grow in popularity. Stand out from the crowd and send invitations to your daughters birthday celebration on 100% recycled paper cards that look like a classic chalkboard we learned so much from when we were children. Watch your daughter step into the lime light as an adult of religious responsibility and respect. First up is a popular Persian design that universally translates to any occasion. The Paisley Smile invitation uses the intricate Paisley design to add a delicate and detailed feel to your daughters Bat Mitzvah.
Paisley Smile Invitations
Paisley Smile
Paisley Smile Back
Our Hamsa Bat Mitzvah invitation is illustrated with pink chalk! A truly unique invitation, perfect for those of you that have daughters and their favorite color is, the ever so popular among girls, pink! Following the footsteps of the design above, Hamsa uses a detailed pattern filled with natural beauties including leaves, flowers and branches. This design is also available in butter, a light orange background. Combined with the chalkboard paper, this combination is unlike anything else.
Hamsa Invitations
Hamsa Bat Mitzvah
Break out the sparkling cider for your daughter and her friends with this awesome chalkboard invitation, while you enjoy some champagne or wine. L'Chaim is a popular toast to used in drinking to a person's health and well-being. Everyone will want to join the celebration to wish your daughter the best as she becomes a young woman when they receive these unique All-in-One invitations. You'll know exactly who is coming because these invitations have a detachable RSVP card at the bottom for your guests to send their response back. Tiny Stars of David in pink and white chalk decorate these invites, making them perfect for your daughter's Bar Mitzvah.
L'Chaim Send n Seal
Invite your friends and family to gather in celebration of your daughter's sacred rite of passing with this fresh and stylish design. The Modern Chalkboard is suited for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Make it more feminine with purple or pink shadowing and accents. Four tiny boards under the main text are attention grabbers so you may want to put the most important information there, such as the date and address. As with most of our invitations, matching insert cards are available.
Modern Chalkboard Invitations
Modern Chalkboard
Modern Chalkboard Back
Modern Chalkboard Insert Cards

Purple Invitations

We all know that purple tends to be associated as a girl color, which is why we have a wide selection of invitations on our purple plantable paper (Lolita's Lavender) or with purple in the design. These Bat Mitzvah invitations don't have to be purple, although we find that many young women celebrating their Bat Mitzvah find them to be amazing and just what they want to invite their friends and family to a very special birthday party. We'll start off the purple invites with Philadelphia. Classic, modern, but timeless this design frames your text with a bold double border.  This is truly a sophisticated invitation for your young lady.

Philadelphia Invitations
Philadelphia Back
Having a fancy evening to celebrate your "baby" girl's 13th birthday? This unique invitation will set the stage for your girl's special day. Fancy scrolls is a beautiful and classy invitation printed on 100% recycled paper. The font matches the elegant scrolls, creating alluring swirls that will excite your guests for this fantastic celebration. The matching RSVP cards have a formal style.
Fancy Scrolls Invitations
Fancy Scrolls
Casablanca is an elaborate invitation that uses a border and intricate Paisley design to complete a delicate frame. Centered at the top, the Star of David adds that special touch of religious tradition for the Bat Mitzvah celebration. This invitations is printed on our luxurious Lolita's Lavender seeded paper. It is also available on all of our seeded paper color selections.
Casablanca Invitations
If your daughter's birthday falls in the summertime you may be having an outdoor Bat Mitzvah reception celebration following the religious service. The Lovely Night invitation will go hand in hand with an outdoor celebration on a warm summer evening. Hang some lights and rejoice with your friends and family and your daughter becomes a Bat Mitzvah! Dance the night away after your daughter observes the commandments. These invitations are displayed here on Lolita's Lavender seeded paper but can be printed on all of our plantable paper colors.
Lovely Night Invitations
Lovely Night
Lovely Night Bat Mitzvah
Purple and Green make an excellent pair, as our Hearts in Bloom invitation exemplifies. They are adorable, decorated with hearts, stars and blooms, and can be printed in any colors your daughter desires. Celebrate your daughter's Bat Mitzvah in a fun and vibrant way with these elegant invites. Encourage your guests to plant the cards and watch the invitations bloom into wildflowers, just like the hearts blooming on this cute design. Recycled envelopes come with all of our Bat Mitzvah invitations and we even offer printing service to print your return address or guest address your envelopes for you to save time and look professional.
Hearts in Bloom Bat Mitzvah
Hearts in Bloom
If you or your daughter have a green thumb we have a fitting invitation for you in mind! The Gardening Bat Mitzvah invitation is illustrated with an endearing flower pot, stamped with love surrounded by a heart. The flowers are growing and starting to blossom just like your young daughter. The back of the card is decorated with typical gardening tools, a hand shovel and a watering can, complete with more tiny hearts. As always, these invitations can be printed on all of our paper selections, including our non-plantable premium 100% recycled paper. Choose your favorite paper and color combinations.

Gardening Bat Mitzvah Invitations
Gardening Back View

Tree Invitations

We have taken our most popular wedding invitations category and made them available for Bat Mitzvahs. Our tree invitations come in many different designs to choose from, some of them printed with our premium watercolors, combining two of our popular trends! Trees are a symbol of strength, life and age. As your daughter takes on the new responsibilities of becoming a Bat Mitzvah she will become wiser, older and stronger. One day she may have a family of her very own. Our Family Tree invitation is big, bold and beautiful. The tree takes up one side of the card, allowing the back side for all your text. The tree is also engraved with your daughter's initials surrounded by a heart carved into the trunk, adding that personal touch.
Family Tree Invitations
Family Tree
Family Tree Back Side
Family Tree Bat Mitzvah
Family Tree RSVP
The Cherry Blossoms invitation is one of our most popular Bat Mitzvah invites. Romantic and truly beautiful, this organic cherry tree illustrates the special occasion with golden blooms. Delicate pink and green blossoms decorate this tree and make it a sight to behold, appropriate for a young girl blossoming into a Bat Mitzvah.
Cherry Blossoms Bat Mitzvah
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blooms Invitations
Naturally beautiful and romantic, Spring Blooms is a great invitation for your young lady to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah. Printed with our delicate watercolors, you can choose between purple and pink, the classic favorite colors of girls everywhere. This beautiful tree design was hand painted by our artists and is now ready for printing with your own custom text. Matching RSVP cards are also offered.
Spring Blooms Invitations
Spring Blooms
Spring Blooms Bat Mitzvah
Spring Blooms back view
Spring Blooms RSVP
The Natural Tree invitation combines an organic tree with matching flowers below. The skinny branches hold pretty leaves, you can imagine rustling gently in the wind. On the other side of the card, tiny birds gather around a tiny birdhouse, with a Star of David entrance. Just as your daughter enters into the next step in her religious rite. The matching RSVP cards expand upon the collection of vines and flowers to really complete this suite and make your daughter's Bat Mitzvah extra special.
Natural Tree Invitations
Natural Tree
Natural Tree Bat Mitzvah
Natural Tree Leaves
The Enlightened Tree invitation is a unique invitation just for Bat Mitzvahs. As your daughter becomes older and wiser she will take on great responsibility. The tree resembles a menorah with leaves have the look of stars, two of the popular Jewish symbols. This design brings back the traditional roots of the Bat Mitzvah and is sure to impress your guests.
Enlightened Tree Invitations
Enlightened Tree
Enlightened Tree Bat Mitzvah
Enlightened Tree back side
 Enlightened Tree Insert Cards
Enlightened Tree RSVP Cards
Our most popular Jewish tree invitation is the most popular Jewish greeting - Shalom! Similar to Aloha, it can be used as both hello and goodbye. It is a Hebrew word that means peace and welfare. Our Shalom tree represents the tree of life, where we all came from. Send a message of peace and prosperity to all of your guests with the Shalom Bat Mitzvah invitation. 
Shalom Invitations
Purple Shalom
Shalom Bat Mitzvah
Shalom back of invitation

Shalom RSVP

Place Cards

A fun and hot trend that is all the rage this year is place cards, that serve a double purpose of keepsakes and favors for your guests. The plantable place cards are held in high regard and your guests will be excited to plant them, while the recycled ones are perfect for scrap-booking. We can even print your guests' names and table numbers on our non-plantable table cards. All of our popular Bat Mitzvah invitations can be converted to matching place cards. Here are some examples we have already available online.
Botanical Blooms Place Cards
Botanical Blooms
Wildflowers Prairie Table Cards
Wildflowers Prairie
Golden Blooms Place Cards
Golden Blooms
Natural Tree Table Cards
Natural Tree
Shalom Place Cards

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