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One young man, Jorel Hoffert, decided to post a video invite for his bar mitzvah on YouTube, which helped make him an Internet sensation almost overnight. With his father being a television director, the video had great production value and has almost a million views. He was later mentioned by many popular media outlets including The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and The Toronto Star. He did a mash up of Queen's "We Will Rock You", "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Psy's "Gangnam Style" all with his own words inviting friends and family to his bar mitzvah. It looks like it was a lot of fun to make and his friends definitely enjoyed it! 
Jorel's Bar Mitzvah Video Invitation
Click here to view the video
Not everyone has the connections to make an epic video and reach Internet stardom for a bar mitzvah invitation. However, ForeverFiances Celebrations has some great invitations that are truly unique and will help you stand out while you stand up and become a man! We offer our invitations on unique plantable paper, embedded with wildflower seeds (also garden herbs on desert brown and bright green paper), as well as on premium 100% recycled paper. We have lots to choose from and are constantly adding new designs to our collection, bringing you the best selection on eco-friendly materials that you can find.
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Tree Bar Mitzvah Invitations

ForeverFiances is known for their wonderful tree wedding invitations and has taken some of their popular designs and tailored them for bar mitzvah ceremonies. If your son's birthday is in September and he enjoys climbing trees, hiking, and being in the forest then we have an invitation that will suit his style. September Birch displays a beautiful watercolor birch tree and continues to be a favorite. Matching RSVPs, Insert, and Thank You cards are available.
September Birch Invitation
September Birch
September Birch Thank You
September Birch Insert CardsSeptember Birch RSVP
Inspired by one celebration at a local Beth Shalom congregation, this invitation reminds us of its meaning "House of Peace." We have so many color choices, and most of our invitations allow you to pick any of our custom colors. This invitation already has some beautiful color selections illustrated. English Sage, Apple Green, and Deep Orange are popular ink colors for boys.
Beth Shalom - English Sage
Beth Shalom
Beth Shalom - Apple GreenBeth Shalom - Deep Orange

Beth Shalom InsertsBeth Shalom RSVP cards
Vieux Oak is one of our best selling wedding invitations and we are hoping your son will want to use these invites for his bar mitzvah! Celebrate this momentous occasion in a fun and timeless way with these rustic bar mitzvah invitations. A big strong oak tree representing a boy becoming a man, is a great design for a bar mitzvah.
Vieux Oak
Vieux Oak - Chocoalte Brown
Vieux Oak RSVPVieux Oak - Ocean Blue
Our Millennium Tree represents the tree of life, where we all came from. Burnt Orange and Forest Green are good color selections for a young man. Still fun but more manly! The striped star design on the back ties in the Jewish theme for these bar mitzvah invitations.
Millennium Tree - Burnt Orange Font
Millennium Tree
Millennium Tree - Forest Green Font
Millennium Tree on Ocean Blue seeded paperMillennium Tree Bar Mitzvah
La Foret has been awarded best invitation on our site in 2011 & 2012. It was also voted best tree invitation numerous times. This classic invitation will be sure to capture the excitement of his eco-friendly bar mitzvah.
La Foret Bar Mitzvah Invitations
La Foret
La Foret on Ocean Blue seeded paper
La Forest RSVP
We have combined the famous Star of David with the Tree of Life to create the Star Tree! We took these two classic Hebew symbols and brought them together to create a popular invitation just for Bar Mitzvahs. As we end the selection of my favorite tree invitations, we will move on to the next category, Star Bar Mitzvah Invitations.
Star Tree Invitations
Star Tree
Star Tree InvitesOcean Blue Bar Mitzvah Invitations
Star Tree RSVP cards

Star Bar Mitzvah Invitations

The Star of David is a very important symbol in the Jewish religion and traditional celebrations will include some decorations of this popular icon. It is known in Hebrew as the Shield of David. It is in the shape of a hexagram, combining two triangles. Having a classic symbol of Judaism printed on our plantable paper will help create the most memorable bar mitzvah invitations your guests will ever receive. Boston does just that, it is a simple design with the Star of David stretched out to create a border for your text. 
Star of David Bar Mitzvah Invitations
Star of David
Boston on ocean blue plantable paperGrass Green & Chocolate Brown ink
Make your son's birthday everlasting with the Eternal Star invitations! Invite your friends and family as he takes on the sacred responsibility to cherish the Jewish ritual law and ethics. This delicate invitation will catch everyone's attention and they'll remember this special day for years to come.
Eternal Star Bar Mitzvah Invitations
Eternal Star
Eternal Star on white seeded paperEternal Star on blue plantable paper
Add some greenery and garden flair with our Natural Star invitations, printed on handmade plantable paper. It includes a charming border, giving the illusion of a picture in a frame. Choose your favorite seeded paper color!
Natural Star Bar Mitzvah invitations
Natural Star
Natural Star on ocean blue plantable paperNatural Star on desert brown plantable paper
Natural Star RSVP
Flag down your friends and family for your son's bar mitzvah with these fun invitations! Star of David Flag is the national flag of Israel, the birthplace of Judaism. These cards are bright and beautiful, customizable with your own color choices to match your religious celebration. They are also available on our unique All-in-One format, that includes a detachable RSVP card, ready for mailing!
Star of David Flag double
Star of David Flag
Star of David Flag - FrontStar of David Flag - Back
Star of David Flag RSVPStar of David Flag Insert Cards
Star of David Flag Suite
Star of David Flag All-in-One
This invitation is a true delight, illustrated with multiple stars of David. L'Chaim is another one of our great invitations on our extraordinary Send n Seal format. Forget building a suite, this has everything you need, except matching thank you cards ;)

Chalkboard Bar Mitzvah Invitations

ForeverFiances has started launching chalkboard wedding invitations this year and we have created an invitation just for bar mitzvahs! This fresh and stylish design is called Modern Chalkboard. By time your son has his own children, chalkboards may be a thing of the past!
Modern Chalkboard
Modern Chalkboard
Modern Chalkboard Bar Mitzvah
Modern Chalkboard Insert Cards

 Space Themed Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Another new fun invitation we launched this year, specifically for bar mitzvah celebrations is the Night Sky. Illustrated with the dreamy milky way galaxy, encompassed by distant stars, this is perfect for your son's space themed birthday. It is already becoming a big hit so order now so you can stand out before someone else does!
Night Sky
Night Sky
Night Sky Bar Mitzvah

Night Sky Insert CardsNight Sky RSVP


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