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We also offer garden herbs 🌱seeded papers, embedded with herbs seeds:
  • Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
  • Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
  • Oregano (Origanum vulgare)
  • Chives (Allium schoenoprasum)

gardern herbs seeded paper invitations

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New Fragance for your man - Perfect for Romantic Weddings

Définitivement romantique, la noblesse naturelle de L'AMOUREUX fait fondre les cœurs les plus endurcis. C'est son intensité qui fait son charme unique et irrésistible : nul ne peut l'approcher sans le désirer aussitôt.

Boisé Aromatique : une déclinaison d'épices irrésistible qui s'épanouit en révélant une base sensuelle, musquée et boisée.

Notes de tête : Bergamote, Baies de Genièvre, Baies roses.
Notes de cœur : Cardamome, Feuilles de bouleau, Rhizomes d'Iris.
Notes de fond : Notes musquées, Accord boisé.

New Seeded Paper with Oregano & Thyme mix

Grass Green color handmade 100% recycled paper is coming on 10.10.09.
Be the first to reserve your invitations new paper. Plantable into beautiful Thyme & Oregano plants - your garden's favorites.

Having a green Bat/Bar Mitzvah?

Plantable (seeds in the paper) Bar Mitzvah Invitations
Plantable (seeds in the paper) Bat Mitzvah Invitations

ForeverFiances newest collection "Eternal Star" features a perfect eco-friendly invitations for young girls and Boys. Created in honor of sweet Sara & Jacob, this collection is printed on 100% recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds - your guests can plant into wildflowers seeds!

We also welcome Hebrew words or sentences.

Mazal Tov


A classic collection - Bird's cage

Birds' cage collection - displayed on 100% recycled seeded paper (tiffany blue)

Funniest Wedding Cake Topper

Wilton Now I Have You ($12.95) (Link)

Samples Only $1 - Order Now!

Are you interested in the unique invitations offered by ForeverFiances but are not sure if you want to place an order? Now is the best time to order a sample! Samples of our exclusive collections of wedding invitations cost only $1.

A Beautiful Love Poem

I didn’t sleep tonight, but I daydreamed of your brown eyes.
They glistened in the dark, until I watched the sunrise.
At that moment I longed for you to be there, to see the colors that filled the air.
Red, Pink, Violet and Blue; combined they reminded me of you.
The sky was bright but to no compare, to your lovely eyes to which I stare.
Surrounded by majestic mountains, your beauty is endless like flowing fountains.
It was as if I could feel your presence, a scent was a perfume of your essence.
After seeing all these things and believing, I realized I was alone, still only dreaming.

Poem by Keith Perry

Another collection featured in Tiffany Blue seeded paper