Wildflower Place Cards!

It’s Carlsbad wildflower season! If you don’t know what that means, it’s okay, I’ll tell you. In Carlsbad, California (near San Diego), every spring from March to May, 50 acres of beautiful flowers bloom, drawing in nearly 100,000 visitors to come and enjoy.

Yes, it really does look like the picture, and is just as romantic as you think it'd be! Take a peak.

(photo courtesy of chelseaanne.com)

The best part about this beautiful attraction is that now, you can bring it to your event. With the artwork of ForeverFiances, your wedding, Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, bridal shower, or baby shower can reflect the joy and beauty of these flower fields with our Wildflower collection. 

The ForeverFiances Wildflowers Prairie collection includes full stationary: classic invites, all-in-one invites, thank-you cards, and even place cards! That means you can have Wildflower Place Cards decorating your tables and welcoming your guests with joy, color, and vibrancy!

Redwood Wedding Invitations

Last summer, Charles, Ashley, and a group of their best friends decided to take a road trip up the coast of California, ultimately ending in San Francisco. On the way up while driving through Big Sur, they spotted an alcove with a waterfall, surrounded by campgrounds and huge, beautiful redwood trees. The waterfall was down on the beach, and Charles and Ashley decided on the way back down from San Francisco, they would take a day to hike down to the waterfall.

Wood Rings - white seeded paper
They proceeded with the rest of the trip. One car had to get back home sooner, but Charles and Ashley’s car was able to take a few more days to get back to San Diego. On the way back, they stopped again at the Big Sur waterfall. They quickly realized they’d have to go off the beaten path to get down to the beach and they began their trek. Charles was used to climbing, as it was one of his favorite pastimes. Ashley was terrified at the prospect of literally having to scale the side of a cliff to get down to the beach. She looked over the side, down the red dirt cliff and saw the narrow walkway they’d have to cross to make it around the enormous rock and down to the sand. With 100-foot drops onto violent waves and sharp rocks on either side of the walkway, Ashley was becoming more and more uneasy about this trek. Charles started climbing down before her and guided her the whole way. They made it to the bottom and ran to the waterfall, and hand in hand, jumped under it!

Elegant Back Country on cream seeded paper

That day, Charles told Ashley he loved her, surrounded by Redwoods and the coastal breeze. Little did they know, only a few years later, they’d be saying “I do.” 

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of travelling up the California coast, you’ll recall the striking beauty of the Redwood trees contrasted with the Pacific Ocean. ForeverFiances captures the beauty of the Redwoods in the Redwood Wedding Invitations collection! Featuring a silhouette of a beautiful Redwood tree, the collection can be printed on all forms of stationary and on plantable or recycled paper! 

Ashley and Charles decided on the Big Sur Trails collection to represent their special day, and you can too!

If you are interested in Redwood Wedding Invitations, click here and place your order, today!

If you’re interested in Big Sur Trails, which features a tall, luscious Redwood tree, click here and place your order today!

Wedding Invites with RSVP attached!

Jessica recently received a wedding invitation to one of her friend’s weddings. She squealed with excitement, as she loved this couple and could not wait to be part of their special day. She opened the envelope, pulled the invite out, and didn’t notice the RSVP card flutter to the ground. She continued reading the invitation, and stuck it to the fridge with a magnet.

send and sealed invitations - foreverfiances.com

Two weeks later, she had finally figured out her schedule and began making arrangements to attend the wedding. She read the RSVP date on the invite and realized she had never sent her response in. Luckily, there was still about a week before the deadline.

She put the invitation back on the fridge and paused for a moment as she realized that she didn’t know where the RSVP card was. She didn’t remember seeing one, now that she was thinking about it. She started searching through her house, shuffling through papers and drawers, completely baffled as to where the RSVP card could be. After searching for upwards of 45 minutes, she leaned back in her desk chair and noticed something on the ground under the desk. She picked it up and realized it was the RSVP card. Relieved, she brushed some dust off of it, filled it out, realized she needed an envelope, ran to the store, picked up a few small envelopes and stamps and sent the card back with her response enclosed.  
send and seal wedding invitations | Wildflowers Prairie

It’s frustrating to open a wedding invitation only to be redirected to a loose-leaf insert that falls on the ground the minute you open the envelope. It always gets lost, and if you manage to keep track of it, you have to find an envelope to fit the RSVP card, address it, and then send it back!
ForeverFiances offers an alternative to this messy RSVP situation: Wedding invitations with RSVP cards attached! Don’t make your guests struggle to be part of your special day!

This format does it all.

all in one invitations rosewood

All of ForeverFiances’ collections are offered with an option to opt for all-in-one, or send-and-seal, invitations. The invitation has a detachable RSVP card at the bottom, pre-addressed with a return address, and a spot for postage! Once you receive the invitation, you can RSVP in a timely manner WITHOUT turning your house upside down to find a 3x5 card that accidentally fell out when you excitedly opened the invitation!

Inexpensive Beach Wedding Invitations

All day, Leonard had been looking forward to sitting silently on the Coronado shoreline on a late May afternoon. He left work as soon as he could to make sure he got to the coast with enough time to catch the sunset; this was his favorite time of the whole day. As he opened the trunk of his car to get out a towel to sit on, he noticed a beautiful girl a couple of parking spaces down. He smiled at her as he realized she was holding a towel, too.

She kicked off her heels, looked down at Leonard’s towel and said, “Let me guess…you left work early so you could catch the sunset, too?”

Leonard laughed and asked, “How’d you know?”

She closed the trunk of her car and walked over to Leonard and said, “Because the sunset is the best part of the whole day. May I join you? My name is Mary.”

“Of course, I’d love the company. Oh, and, I’m Leonard.”

It’s no secret that beaches and sunsets combine to create a romantic setting rivaled only by few of nature’s other wonders. And of course, with thoughts of the beach come thoughts of warmth, rest, relaxation, and beauty. Mary and Leonard knew that when they got married, the beach would be the perfect location to represent the way they met, the way they fell in love, and the hopes they had for a lifetime together of warmth and beauty.

They wanted to reflect this in every aspect of their wedding, and they knew that if they could include it in their invitations, the wedding would be perfect.

Mary stumbled across a collection of wedding invitations called “Breezy Shores” by ForeverFiances and instantly knew that they’d be perfect. 

She found out that the inexpensive collection, Breezy Shores, along with the rest of the ForeverFiances collections, is printed on 100% recycled paper. Some collections are even printed on plantable paper, meaning that the paper can be planted and grow flowers! Considering that the earth’s natural beauty was responsible for bringing the two of them together, they knew whatever they did needed to protect its beauty.

If you’re interested in the Breezy Shores collection, or any other sustainable, green option for your wedding invitations, browse the rest of the website here!

Shop inexpensive beach wedding invitations today! 

Plantable Wedding Place Cards for your Table!

What will your table look like? Place cards on plantable paper! Perfect keepsakes for your guests!

seeded paper place cards

Matt & Kim's Mason Jar Wedding Invitations

The picnic tables were set up with red and white-checkered tablecloths, accented by the gentle glow of small candles that were floating in centerpiece mason jars filled with crystal clear water. The sun was setting as the music from a local band began filling the park. Kimberly sat down with a glass of iced tea, watching the candles bob gently back and forth in the mason jars.

“May I sit here?” a voice drew Kimberly’s attention away from the mason jars. She looked up to find Matthew, holding his own glass of iced tea.

“Of course,” she said. “Oh and hi, my name is Kimberly.”

 A couple years later, Kimberly and Matthew began planning their wedding. After searching through hundreds of invitation designs, they stumbled on one called “Sweet Mason Jar,” by ForeverFiances, which features a mason jar surrounded by and filled with little hearts. They were instantly reminded of the night they met, surrounded by their own sweet mason jars, music, and summer weather in the park. They knew instantly that these would be the invitations they would use.

The fact that these invitations were printed on 100% recycled paper and were 100% recyclable convinced them even more. They found out that the invitations could be printed on plantable paper, meaning the paper could literally be planted and would grow flowers, which was the cherry on top of an already whimsical and rustic wedding theme.

With ForeverFiances, you as the customer can select from a variety of mason jars: some surrounded by hearts, some with flowers in them, some perched on branches in a tree. Kimberly and Matthew chose the mason jar surrounded by hearts, but the decision is up to you. From the colors, to the text, to the color of the text, it’s your call. And, if you feel so inclined, you can even have each invitation addressed personally for each guest.

Mason Jar Wedding Invitations

If Sweet Mason Jar isn’t the design for you, keep browsing while keeping in mind that full stationary is available for most designs! This means that you can order any piece for nearly any design, including invitations, place cards, table cards, RSVP cards, Save the Dates…you name it.

We are excited to make your invitations more than just an invitation…we want them to be beautiful symbols of you and your fiancé’s love story!

Discover our Mason Jar Wedding Invitations!