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Discover our new line of seeded paper business thank you notes, made with our world famous plantable paper. Invite your contacts to plant their cards in their garden.

Our Tree Business thank you notes

Introducing our new Our Tree business thank you notes, ideal for to add a delightful personal green touch to your business stationery. Many thousands of our customers have used seeded paper notes over the years. Great to ask for referrals in a cool creative way from your clients or communicate your gratitude in complete different way.. The hand-drawn tree has been a favorite for years, with its earthy green colors. Invite your contact to plant their cards into flowers or herbs. Ideal for florists, CEO of a "not so boring company", green companies, advisors, realtors, Naturopath doctors (ND), acupuncturists, practitioners of Chinese Medecine.

Our tree business thank you notes

WorldMap Wedding Invitations

world map wedding invitations
Explore the world map wedding invitations with a vintage maps from Europe, the Pacific, Africa, Italy or France. Perfect for world travelers couple whose love journey has a full passport. Made with 100% premium recycled paper.
Wolrd journey map wedding invitation

Discover the World Journey invitation

How to stand out with thank you notes for your business?

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Personalize your corporate thank you notes with your logo and own message.

✅ Easy and with so many choices of designs to choose from. You can change fonts, the message inside/outside, and the paper. An excellent idea for sales agent who thrive for providing the best customer service.

✅ Choose our 100% recycled paper with subtle texture for ease of writing and cost efficient thank you cards. Popular with Realtors and Financial Advisors. Hotel stationery can be customized too. 
seeded paper business thank you notes
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Financially Surviving Wedding Season as a Guest

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wedding budget advices
According to the New York Times, the average wedding guest spends nearly $900 to partake in the festivities. That price tag can make your wallet want to say, “I don’t!” — especially if your wedding season dance card is full.
But don’t worry. Charlie knows a bunch of money-saving hacks so you can catch the bouquet without breaking the bank!

Set a Budget and Prioritize

Take a peek at your finances and determine exactly how much you can spend on the occasion without wreaking havoc on your budget. Once you have a figure in mind, it’s time to create a spending plan.
You can stay near the venue in style, rival the bride for beauty, or be the best gift giver ever — but you may not be able to afford to do it all. If that’s the case, you’ll need to make some trade-offs to stay within your set limits. For example, if you want to give a lavish gift, that could mean forgoing the expensive salon visit the morning of the ceremony.
Tip: Charlie can help you plan ahead by starting a new savings goal called “wedding.”

Pool Resources

Try going in on wedding attendance expenses with family and friends. You can split the cost of lodging, transportation, and even the gift. That way, everyone saves some cash and can still fully take part in the experience.

Beautify Yourself (or Find a Deal)

If you’ve got the skills, skip the pricey salon and do your own hair, makeup, and mani-pedi. DIY’ing your beauty regimen will save you some serious cash. (You may even already have the supplies on hand!) Afraid of looking like Elizabeth Holmes? Ask a friend to help paint your face and braid their hair in trade.
If you really want to be pampered, check Groupon to score a deal on the service. You can also reach out to local beauty schools. Often, their students will gussy you up for much less dough than a pro.

Re-wear or Rent Attire

There is zero shame in wearing a killer dress (or suit) twice. So save your wallet and rock that outfit again! You can also raid a friend’s closet to wear something that’s new to you. But — if you must wear something brand new, consider renting your ensemble for a fraction of the price of buying it off the rack.

Make Your Gift

If you’ve got the talent, why not use it to make something heartfelt and budget friendly? Your newlyweds will appreciate the gesture and will likely cherish it over another set of wine glasses.
Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:
  • Sing a song at the reception
  • Make the centerpieces on the dinner tables
  • Offer to photograph the event
  • Create a scrapbook about their relationship
  • Knit a blanket for their couch or bed
  • Paint their new family portrait
Still feeling uninspired? Pinterest has got you covered!

Just Say No

Although it hurts to check “will not attend” on the RSVP card, remember: an invitation to a wedding is a request, not a requirement. Sometimes your wallet just can’t swing it and that’s OK. If that happens, confidently decline with your regrets and send a little (perhaps homemade) gift in your place.

Final Thoughts

Being a wedding guest can be crazy expensive — but it doesn’t have to be. Every element of the experience can be optimized to fit your budget. So go ahead and feel the love while enjoying your fatter bank account.
Tell Charlie: What’s the most you’ve ever spent as a wedding guest? Was it worth it?
Please note: We don’t have an affiliation with or personally endorse any of the services linked to in this post. We’re just trying to give you some ideas.

How to Become a Green Realtor [part 1]

How to Become a Green Realtor: Enhancing the Way a Realtor Does Business

Being a realtor is a tough career that can see many highs and lows throughout the years. Markets change, rules change, and the competition is diverse. Staying afloat is hard, keeping up is even tougher, and staying ahead is almost impossible. There is a way to enhance how you do business by changing the products you use. Using recyclable and plantable paper products is not only cost-effective, but will increase your sales, customer engagement, overall customer satisfaction rating, and will make you the leader in your community in the realty industry.

"Let me help you find Green homes" cards have been a best selling since 2012
tools for green realtors
How a Customer Chooses a Realtor
People are much more aware of how realtors do business. Choosing a good realtor isn’t always about the money. It is about how they treat people and how they do business, overall. Millions of Americans have extremely strict belief systems and will not do business with a realty company that does not engage in any type of green/renewable practices.

green realtor tips

Millions more would prefer to work with a green realtor rather than one who doesn’t care about using recyclable paper products. Moral values are a top priority in your customer base, especially when dealing with Millennials, who are now buying and selling homes. The days of getting by with a winning smile are over.
If you want to stay relevant, you’ll need to not only keep up with the times, but you need to also do your best to be a trendsetter. Just to keep up, you’ll need to know that millions of other realtors have been going green and using recyclable paper products and plantable cardstock. Their customer base has increased tremendously as people are beginning to realize that using plantable and recyclable paper products is the way the best realtors are doing business.
green realtors cards
How Realtors Use Recyclable and Plantable Paper Products
There are several ways a realtor can go green. The job of a realtor has a ton of paperwork involved, including marketing and advertising, home listings, and the more official paperwork that needs done when a customer buys or sells a home, needs a contract made, and the many other things a realtor does for their clients.
Think about your advertising and mailer budget for a minute. You likely buy cardstock that has already been designed for you that has your contact info, your smiling face, maybe a few listings, etc. Every other realtor does it the same way. Think about how many of your mailers go straight into the garbage or recycle bin. That effort and time and money wasted is a tragedy.

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