Magnificent Mountain Birch Tree Wedding Suite

Yell it out from the mountain tops! Share your love from the summit with our Mountain Birch wedding suite. One of our most popular designs for 2015 deserves the spotlight. Mountain Birch, boasting a fantastic format, our unique Seal n' Send invitations, help you get everything done without even using an envelope!
Birch Tree Invitations

Mountain Birch Wedding Invitations
Mountain Birch


It even folds up into a postcard, ready to mail our with our adhesive mail tabs (3 per invite) or our Eco-envelopes. These are premium translucent envelopes, best of all, made from plants! These are included for plantable paper All-in-Ones but can be added to your recycled paper order for an additional cost. But not to worry, our Mountain Birch Seal n' Send invitation will hold together with our super adhesive mail tabs, on the woodsy 100% recycled paper. Add one sticker in the middle of the top flap, then two around the sides, making a half circle on the front and back of the now ready-to-mail postcard!


Let's talk postage! Now you may want to talk to your local Post Office clerk, because we've heard different stories from customers in different parts of the country. You may be able to get away with a regular First Class (currently $0.49) stamp, but here's what we recommend:
Batman Stamp