How to save $49 by waving the "graphic set up"?

Ever since we introduced our “all in one” invitations in 2008, we have received thousands of positive reviews. One question kept coming back. Why the graphic setup? since all the cards on the website do not include this fee (it does seem unusual at first.)

The send n’ seal format requires additional TLC. It takes longer to setup graphically but also it is a lengthier process in the press room. We have to manually score it (3 folds and 1 pre-perforation). More time = premium charge. 

Early on, we decided to separate this cost for transparency.  

all in on invitations for wedding concept

This year (2017), we have decided to give you the opportunity to save on this cost (and put more money towards your honeymoon!). Online ads can be expansive and we prefer giving back money to our customers and their friends. 

elegant and sophisticated wedding

Step 1 
Promote #ForeverFiances on instagram, facebook or twitter (or all three). 

Step 2

Email us: design[at], and tell us how you shared your love for #ForeverFiances. We will then email you personally with the code.