Green Wedding Invitations ~ Bright Meadow

Our watercolor bright meadow invitation is embedded with wildflower seeds, conveys the unique and green of a countryside natural pasture. Perfect for the artistic couple celebrating nature. Give the greenest wedding invites with our Bright Meadow cards. Matching stationery available: menus, programs save the date and thank you notes.

Bright Meadow will put a smile on your guests' face. (on white seeded paper)

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Heart Shaped Card ~ Love on seeded paper

What a better way to share your love to someone. Send your valentine a beautiful heart shaped card. This affectionate card is made with 100% recycled paper, handmade, and embedded with wildflower seeds. A great way to preserve our beautiful Earth! It is one of our newest cards and just in time for Valentine's Day!

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Hawaii theme Wedding Invitations

Malaho all in one invitations

Malaho is the Hawaiian word for Thank you and is our newest Destination Wedding invitation. Exotic and floral, this is the perfect tropical invite for beach lovers!

Brown Wedding Invitations - Hawaii Open Love
Inspired by the beauty of Hawaiian shirt patterns, perfect for your islands wedding theme. Create a warm, tropical look. Our waffled textured recycled paper contains 80% post consumer fibers

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Wedding in Sonoma (Old Vine)

Old Vine on cream seeded paper - Gold print
Brittany and John are getting married in wine country! They fell in love in Sonoma where they used to escape for the weekend (from San Fran).
The Old Vine collection was a natural choice. They loved the feel and soul of our cream seeded paper, embedded with wildflower seeds. (they hesitated with our new garden herbs paper in white).

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Also available in timeless Send n Sealed invitations (our popular All in One format).

Grow wildflowers as your family grows!

Check out our new seeded paper Baby Shower invitations. These plantable invitations will bloom into gorgeous wildflowers. Featuring our new Twin Baby Shower invite, we have many more to choose from. The Antique Lettering card is displayed in yellow and wild berry on white seeded paper.

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Wildlfowers seeds at their best!

Featuring a timeless collection - Sweet Seeds! Belinda and Ryan chose it in citrus on cream seeded paper (my favorite :).

Sweet Seeds in Citrus - on cream plantable paper

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Our Tree - All in One invitations on White Seeded Paper

Matching stationery available: thank you notes, menus, programs, insert cards & Poster also available

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Tree Wedding Invitations 

Featured Review du Jour.

"ForeverFiances made creating, ordering, and receiving wedding invites a breeze. I had really wanted to find a eco-friendly option, and the seeded invites are perfect. What a lovely way to comerate a special day with flowers that will grow after the wedding day is over. Customer service is awesome as well, that is a huge plus. I have and will continue to recommend them to others." Jess & Steve, CT
Thank you Jessica & Steve. Congratulations on your wedding! Much Love.
This is their invitations - La Foret Tree Wedding Invitations.

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