Green Bar Mitzvah Invitations

            For Jacob his bar mitzvah was one more occasion to show off his green values and the importance of the environment. It was also a huge celebration to document his entrance into manhood at the age of 13. His mother wanted to make sure the event was perfect and one way to do that was to make it unique and very exclusive. They both agreed that green bar mitzvah invitations from ForeverFiances were the perfect thing to make everyone happy. That’s because these invitations were 100% unique and yet 100% green at the same time.
Bar Mitzvah Invitations ~ Natural Star *plantable
            A bar mitzvah is a very special event and it needs to be documented as special and important. That means you want to make sure that your son has something everyone will enjoy looking at and everyone will be wanting to know more about. You want to make the day memorable and that starts from that card coming through the mail to the very first friend or family member. That invitation sets the stage for the entire event so green bar mitzvah invitations make a great first impression with the multitude of styles, colors and wordings available for your big day.
Bar Mitzvah Invitations - La Foret (seeded paper)
            ForeverFiances prides itself on recycled paper invitations that are completely handmade and  Because of the hand design process these invitations are completely unique and just a little bit different every single time one is made. But for the same reason you can rest assured that you will be the envy of everyone attending your party because those invitations will look like a million bucks without you actually having to spend a million bucks on them. You’ll never be disappointed that you decided to go with ForeverFiances for your green bar mitzvah invitations.

Organic Green bar mitzvah invitations

            Jacob and his mother were so pleased with their invitations that they told everyone they knew about them. They loved the designs available that fit perfectly with Jacob’s party and they were also pleased with the fact that they support Jacob’s vow to respect the earth. Perfect for him and perfect for you as well bar mitzvah invitations from ForeverFiances come in a variety of different styles that match the exact look and feel that you want for your special occasion. A bar mitzvah happens only once in a young boy’s life and that means it’s very important to make sure everything goes right. Start with the perfect first impression.