Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations

'Tis the season to tie the knot, and it's almost time to send out your winter wedding invitations. What better way to commemorate your winter wonderland wedding than with seeded paper invitations that will bloom in the spring?

The designers at ForeverFiances have created beautiful winter wedding invitations that are elegant and whimsical, with snowflakes, tree bark, and birch designs—without that Christmas tinsel feel!

Winter Forest wedding invitations

All of our invitations are fully customizable, and you can choose your colors, fonts, and paper to match the wedding of your dreams. Take a look at some of our most popular winter wedding invitations.

Winter Wedding Invitations - Romance [100% recycled paper]

100% premium recycled paper all in one invitation

The Winter Romance invitation is printed on a beautiful aqua watercolor printed background. Its simple design and its complex textures speaks for itself in making the the purity and effortlessness of your love the focus of your winter wedding.

The Winter Romance collection is also available in a classic format for our more traditional brides. Discover the Romance Wedding Stationery.

Upstate NY on white seeded paper [plantable into wildflowers]

100% recycled plantable invitations, embedded with wildflower seeds

Give your guests a taste of what's to come following your winter wedding with this beautiful seeded paper invitation highlighting the image of a tree–the symbol of strength and life. Plant your invitations in the spring and watch beautiful wildflowers bloom to commemorate the vibrancy of your new marriage.

Winter Frost Wedding Invitations [100% recycled paper]

100% premium recycled paper all in one invitation

Though it may be cold outside, your love will keep you warm! Invite your guests to your winter wedding with the all in one Winter Frost wedding invitations, featuring a lovely snowflake design in a Silver Bells color theme.

French Swirls on white seeded paper [plantable!]

100% recycled plantable invitations, embedded with wildflower seeds

Made as an affordable option in a smaller format, the French Swirls invitation, printed on seeded paper, evokes images of old churches full of history and traditions. The sophisticated pen and ink drawing is perfect for any bride looking to bring old world charm to her winter wedding day.

Tree Bark Wedding Invitations [plantable into wildflowers]

TREE BARK All in One
100% recycled plantable invitations, embedded with wildflower seeds

Nestled into the bark of the legendary family oak tree, this wedding suite will inspire organic beauty. Perfect for your eco-chic wedding.  Your wedding deserves the greenest invitations! Printed on 100% recycled, seeded paper which blooms into wildflowers (once planted). Featured in Buddha Blue.

Discover our complete collection of winter wedding invitations.
***keep in mind that any collection/design on foreverfiances can be customized with your winter frosty colors.

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