How to Become a Green Realtor [part 1]

How to Become a Green Realtor: Enhancing the Way a Realtor Does Business

Being a realtor is a tough career that can see many highs and lows throughout the years. Markets change, rules change, and the competition is diverse. Staying afloat is hard, keeping up is even tougher, and staying ahead is almost impossible. There is a way to enhance how you do business by changing the products you use. Using recyclable and plantable paper products is not only cost-effective, but will increase your sales, customer engagement, overall customer satisfaction rating, and will make you the leader in your community in the realty industry.

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How a Customer Chooses a Realtor
People are much more aware of how realtors do business. Choosing a good realtor isn’t always about the money. It is about how they treat people and how they do business, overall. Millions of Americans have extremely strict belief systems and will not do business with a realty company that does not engage in any type of green/renewable practices.

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Millions more would prefer to work with a green realtor rather than one who doesn’t care about using recyclable paper products. Moral values are a top priority in your customer base, especially when dealing with Millennials, who are now buying and selling homes. The days of getting by with a winning smile are over.
If you want to stay relevant, you’ll need to not only keep up with the times, but you need to also do your best to be a trendsetter. Just to keep up, you’ll need to know that millions of other realtors have been going green and using recyclable paper products and plantable cardstock. Their customer base has increased tremendously as people are beginning to realize that using plantable and recyclable paper products is the way the best realtors are doing business.
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How Realtors Use Recyclable and Plantable Paper Products
There are several ways a realtor can go green. The job of a realtor has a ton of paperwork involved, including marketing and advertising, home listings, and the more official paperwork that needs done when a customer buys or sells a home, needs a contract made, and the many other things a realtor does for their clients.
Think about your advertising and mailer budget for a minute. You likely buy cardstock that has already been designed for you that has your contact info, your smiling face, maybe a few listings, etc. Every other realtor does it the same way. Think about how many of your mailers go straight into the garbage or recycle bin. That effort and time and money wasted is a tragedy.

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