Redwood Wedding Invitations

Last summer, Charles, Ashley, and a group of their best friends decided to take a road trip up the coast of California, ultimately ending in San Francisco. On the way up while driving through Big Sur, they spotted an alcove with a waterfall, surrounded by campgrounds and huge, beautiful redwood trees. The waterfall was down on the beach, and Charles and Ashley decided on the way back down from San Francisco, they would take a day to hike down to the waterfall.

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They proceeded with the rest of the trip. One car had to get back home sooner, but Charles and Ashley’s car was able to take a few more days to get back to San Diego. On the way back, they stopped again at the Big Sur waterfall. They quickly realized they’d have to go off the beaten path to get down to the beach and they began their trek. Charles was used to climbing, as it was one of his favorite pastimes. Ashley was terrified at the prospect of literally having to scale the side of a cliff to get down to the beach. She looked over the side, down the red dirt cliff and saw the narrow walkway they’d have to cross to make it around the enormous rock and down to the sand. With 100-foot drops onto violent waves and sharp rocks on either side of the walkway, Ashley was becoming more and more uneasy about this trek. Charles started climbing down before her and guided her the whole way. They made it to the bottom and ran to the waterfall, and hand in hand, jumped under it!

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That day, Charles told Ashley he loved her, surrounded by Redwoods and the coastal breeze. Little did they know, only a few years later, they’d be saying “I do.” 

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of travelling up the California coast, you’ll recall the striking beauty of the Redwood trees contrasted with the Pacific Ocean. ForeverFiances captures the beauty of the Redwoods in the Redwood Wedding Invitations collection! Featuring a silhouette of a beautiful Redwood tree, the collection can be printed on all forms of stationary and on plantable or recycled paper! 

Ashley and Charles decided on the Big Sur Trails collection to represent their special day, and you can too!

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