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Jessica recently received a wedding invitation to one of her friend’s weddings. She squealed with excitement, as she loved this couple and could not wait to be part of their special day. She opened the envelope, pulled the invite out, and didn’t notice the RSVP card flutter to the ground. She continued reading the invitation, and stuck it to the fridge with a magnet.

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Two weeks later, she had finally figured out her schedule and began making arrangements to attend the wedding. She read the RSVP date on the invite and realized she had never sent her response in. Luckily, there was still about a week before the deadline.

She put the invitation back on the fridge and paused for a moment as she realized that she didn’t know where the RSVP card was. She didn’t remember seeing one, now that she was thinking about it. She started searching through her house, shuffling through papers and drawers, completely baffled as to where the RSVP card could be. After searching for upwards of 45 minutes, she leaned back in her desk chair and noticed something on the ground under the desk. She picked it up and realized it was the RSVP card. Relieved, she brushed some dust off of it, filled it out, realized she needed an envelope, ran to the store, picked up a few small envelopes and stamps and sent the card back with her response enclosed.  
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It’s frustrating to open a wedding invitation only to be redirected to a loose-leaf insert that falls on the ground the minute you open the envelope. It always gets lost, and if you manage to keep track of it, you have to find an envelope to fit the RSVP card, address it, and then send it back!
ForeverFiances offers an alternative to this messy RSVP situation: Wedding invitations with RSVP cards attached! Don’t make your guests struggle to be part of your special day!

This format does it all.

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All of ForeverFiances’ collections are offered with an option to opt for all-in-one, or send-and-seal, invitations. The invitation has a detachable RSVP card at the bottom, pre-addressed with a return address, and a spot for postage! Once you receive the invitation, you can RSVP in a timely manner WITHOUT turning your house upside down to find a 3x5 card that accidentally fell out when you excitedly opened the invitation!

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