Inexpensive Beach Wedding Invitations

All day, Leonard had been looking forward to sitting silently on the Coronado shoreline on a late May afternoon. He left work as soon as he could to make sure he got to the coast with enough time to catch the sunset; this was his favorite time of the whole day. As he opened the trunk of his car to get out a towel to sit on, he noticed a beautiful girl a couple of parking spaces down. He smiled at her as he realized she was holding a towel, too.

She kicked off her heels, looked down at Leonard’s towel and said, “Let me guess…you left work early so you could catch the sunset, too?”

Leonard laughed and asked, “How’d you know?”

She closed the trunk of her car and walked over to Leonard and said, “Because the sunset is the best part of the whole day. May I join you? My name is Mary.”

“Of course, I’d love the company. Oh, and, I’m Leonard.”

It’s no secret that beaches and sunsets combine to create a romantic setting rivaled only by few of nature’s other wonders. And of course, with thoughts of the beach come thoughts of warmth, rest, relaxation, and beauty. Mary and Leonard knew that when they got married, the beach would be the perfect location to represent the way they met, the way they fell in love, and the hopes they had for a lifetime together of warmth and beauty.

They wanted to reflect this in every aspect of their wedding, and they knew that if they could include it in their invitations, the wedding would be perfect.

Mary stumbled across a collection of wedding invitations called “Breezy Shores” by ForeverFiances and instantly knew that they’d be perfect. 

She found out that the inexpensive collection, Breezy Shores, along with the rest of the ForeverFiances collections, is printed on 100% recycled paper. Some collections are even printed on plantable paper, meaning that the paper can be planted and grow flowers! Considering that the earth’s natural beauty was responsible for bringing the two of them together, they knew whatever they did needed to protect its beauty.

If you’re interested in the Breezy Shores collection, or any other sustainable, green option for your wedding invitations, browse the rest of the website here!

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