Winter Wondlerland Wedding Invitations

As the snow fell down gently on a winter’s night Martin noticed the delicate beauty of how each individual snowflake was unique.  He wanted to find that special someone that would be unique to him and share his deepest thoughts and secrets with.  A woman that would make him smile and feel lucky everyday, was his biggest wish. Christmas was quickly approaching and he wished he had someone to share it with besides just his family.  He always dreamed of having multiple Christmas celebrations at with his family and his love’s family.  Maybe next year he thought to himself and smiled with hope.
Seal and Send Wedding Invitations - Snow Fall
Trees in the snow
Winter Wedding Invitations ~ Aspen in the Snow
 It was that time of year to go Christmas tree shopping with his father.  They ventured to the meadow where they got to hunt for the perfect spruce and cut it down themselves, fresh and lively! They found the winner and on the drive back home he asked his father to retell the story of how he met his mother. It was a simple tale but it always gave his father great pleasure to tell it.  They had met in college at the library. They had coincidentally gone there to read the same book, as they were in the same class for Psychology.  Martin’s father had arrived first and already found the book.  He was studying and working on the newest assignment. Martin’s mother went to the shelf and could not find it but his father had sat at the closest table and she noticed he had the book she needed.  She approached the table and politely asked if she could join him to work on the assignment.  A gentleman that he was, he obliged her request and they sat close and got to know each other. At the end of study session he asked her if she would like to do this again sometime and that’s how it began. They would meet at the same library at the same table for the rest of the semester and soon their friendship blossomed into love. Martin hoped that he would have a similar encounter that would change his life.  

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Mountain Rustic Wedding Invitations

-->Martin decided he would have to take initiative and figure out somewhere to meet a nice girl of his dreams. He was already out of college and didn’t know how it would happen. He went to the Festival of Lights with his brother at the Zoo and kept his eyes open. As chance had it he saw a young woman struggling to carry her hot chocolate and funnel cake over to a picnic table. Martin swiftly approached her and offered to lend a helping hand. She graciously accepted the kind offer and asked him to join her for a tasty desert. Martin was so excited; this might just be what he was waiting for. Sure enough they hit it off and it was the last Christmas they ever spent without a significant other!
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Winter Typography
Chalkboard Wedding Invitations - Royal & Sophisticated
ForeverFiances has a vast collection of Winter Wedding Invitations.  From the typical snow fall themed invites, to trees and sophisticated typography, there is something for everyone! If you are getting married in the winter you are sure to find a perfect match for your special day to invite all your friends and family to join in your celebration of love and happiness.