Invitations With Chalkboard

Forbidden love is always enticing.  There is something in human nature that makes us want to do what we are told we are not allowed to do.  But what really makes it wrong?  A prime example of forbidden love, no not the classic and timeless tale of Romeo and Juliet, but a college professor and a student, may not be as cliché as you may think.  In this day and age love can blossom anywhere between anyone. Depending on the University’s regulations it may or may not be acceptable.  In the case of Douglas and Tiffany it was.  Everyday Tiffany would gaze at her professor with birds of love dancing around her head.  Douglas was a smart, intellectual and caring young man.  Only five years older than her, she dreamed of her chance to claim him as his own.  She watched him write notes on the chalkboard, because he liked the idea of old fashion lectures and teaching, not all the online podcasts and PowerPoint presentations that have taken over our higher educational system.
Starry nights walking home from student parties left Tiffany wanting more.  She wanted a mature man with a beautiful mind and vast knowledge.  The football jocks and party animals just didn’t tickle her fancy. She dreamed of the perfect time to ask out her professor but was not sure if that moment would ever come.  She had flirted with him after class and even went to a couple of his office hours to discuss projects and upcoming exams but didn’t want to make the dynamic awkward.  Weeks later she got her wish! She was invited to an extravagant evening filled with dinner and dancing her aunt was hosting at the Marine Room. No better time than the present so she made her move one day after class.  With a smile on her face and charm in her step she approached Douglas and handed him the invitation.  It was so fitting she thought as the invitation she received from her aunt was printed on black recycled paper made to look like a chalk board.
Douglas gladly accepted the invitation and that marked the beginning of their endless journey.  Throughout the next two years they grew closer and fell deeply in love.  Many dates and romantic evenings brought these two into a bond they didn’t know was possible.  They knew the timing was right and they started planning their dream wedding.  They found the perfect invitation to portray their love and style.  They chose the chalkboard wedding invitation – Royal & Sophisticated.
ForeverFiances is continuing to expand their selection of Chalkboard Wedding Invitations.  With already so many options to choose from, the new and fresh look will be sure to excite your friends and family.  Whether it be for your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, religious celebration, gala, or corporate event, these invites are perfect for any occasion.  We also offer thank you cards, menus and inserts customized to match your invitations!  Come see what we have to offer!

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