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Rachel met Jacob when they were teenagers and although they went to separate schools they still considered themselves high school sweethearts. They attended each others dances, football games, and other fun events. Jacob fell in love with Rachel fast and hard, never looking back. He planned a special picnic one lazy Sunday afternoon by the big oak tree. He had arrived earlier that day to setup the blanket, picnic basket and surprise Rachel with a carving in the oak tree. It was a heart with their initials in the middle. He was so excited to bring her there and ask her to officially be his girlfriend. They held hands as he led her down the trail and brought her to the romantic outdoor setting. She was pleasantly surprised and smiled so big. What a perfect gentleman, she thought. He set the stage and as they were finished eating he asked the question. Of course she said yes and the beginning of a beautiful relationship blossomed.
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They remained inseparable as they graduated and got ready for college. They had applied to the same universities and knew they had to go to the same one. Four years apart would be much more than they could bare. The summer before school started was one to remember. They went to the county fair, rode all the rides, had delicious treats and shared a strawberry chocolate milk shake. Watching the sunset on the Ferris wheel, they embraced in a passionate kiss that melted their hearts. They were still so in love and nothing could take them off cloud nine.  Dates at the drive-in brought them closer together as they snuggled up in the back of Rachel's pickup truck under a blanket. Lying down under the open sky and staring up at the stars brought a dreamy romantic feeling over them that could not compare to anything else.
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The next summer came by fast and Jacob knew without a doubt in his mind that Rachel was the one for him. He had a great idea and planned to propose at the same tree that he asked her to be his girlfriend years ago. Again, he setup a romantic picnic, this time at night with candles and flowers. Surely enough, the carving he had done with the heart and their initials was still there. He brought his pocket knife and touched it up to make the grooves fresh and clear to see. Another night to remember, he led his beautiful girlfriend down the trail to the big oak tree, hand in hand. This time he couldn't wait, his excitement was very high and as he lit the candles he reached in his pocket. He pulled out the ring and dropped down on one knee. He asked her the big question and she said yes with tears rolling down her face. She was so happy and wished the night would never end. They still go back to that oak tree every anniversary to celebrate their endless love. 
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ForeverFiances has many tree invitations to choose from, truly are specialty, even a few different designs featuring beautiful oak trees. Trees are important to our planet so we only use 100% recycled paper and even plantable seeded paper that will give back to the environment. We have all the stationery to build your perfect wedding suite. We offer wedding programs, RSVP cards, table cards, save the dates, menus, wedding favors and of course invitations in many different formats. Don't forget to thank your guests with out unique plantable thank you cards!

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