100% Biodegradable Wedding Invitations!

ForeverFiances is a strong supporter of helping the environment and preserving the world we live in order to maintain all of its natural beauty that surrounds us.

Our company operates under a strict policy of reducing the CO2 emission. Our offices utilize eco-friendly supplies, such as post-consumer packaging materials and energy efficient Apple computers.

Our most unique contribution to this cause is our unique plantable paper. Not only is it embedded with wildflower seeds, we also have some new colors that contain a garden's herb mixture. This mixture includes oregano & thyme seeds; while our newest color, Desert Brown includes those seeds along with it's exclusive collection of basil, chives, and parsley. Not only do these invitations then become an addition to your garden they are fully biodegradable. This means we are keeping true to our mission to reduce waste and help give back to the environment!

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