8 Unique Wedding Table Cards

            Planning your wedding is something that you’ve likely been doing for a very long time. For most women it’s something that you’ve likely been thinking about long before you met the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. That’s the way it was for Alessandra when Harry proposed in the park on their third anniversary. She had been planning her perfect wedding for years before that moment and one of the little things she knew not to forget where unique wedding table cards.

1.     The Tree we Climbed Into - These beautiful table cards will show your guests that not only are you and your partner looking to spend the rest of your lives together and take that giant leap into adulthood but also that you haven’t lost your whimsical and childlike side. A tree with a swing and a heart carved in the center is perfect for any childlike couple.
2.     Classic Heraldry - If you’re looking for simple and elegant than these unique wedding table cards are for you. Very simple with only a regal style scrollwork at the top with a heart elegantly hidden in the center, these cards show that you and your partner are looking to show your style.
3.     Elegant & Pretty - Something bright and fun for everyone these invitations feature the phrase ‘Love is in the Air’ across them in large script. Your guests will never doubt why they are there as you and your partner proclaim your love to everyone who is looking for their seat at your wedding.
4.     My Love Rosie - These invitations are available in many colors to match your wedding and feature a beautiful rose bush growing from the corner. These flowers are hand painted in a beautiful style that will add elegance yet fun to your wedding day.
5.     Nature’s Glory - If you’re a bride who loves the outdoors then these are the perfect invitations for your special day. Featuring birds and flowers on each side of the table number these invitations will show off how much you love your environment (not the least because they can be planted to grow into flowers themselves).


6.     Indian Smile - Beautiful Indian motifs grace the top of these cards with flowers, swirls and other elegant patterns. If you’re in love with Indian art or are looking to show off your heritage you’ll definitely be able to do it with these unique wedding table cards.

7.     Sweet Mason Jar -Everyone’s seen mason jars filled with fireflies but these beautiful jars are filled with escaping hearts and the words ‘Love Jar’ written across the bottom. Your love will bloom and grow just like the hearts spilling out of this jar on your table cards.
8.     La Foret - Simple yet still beautiful and perfect for a nature-lovers wedding, these invitations feature a large tree growing from the side of the invitation. The leaves blanket the top of each card and show your love for the environment as well as each other while providing a lovely card to direct your guests to the right place.

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