8 Simple Affordable Wedding Invitations

Choosing your wedding invitations isn’t always easy. In fact, when you’re looking to get married on a budget it can be very difficult. But with ForeverFiances you can find simple, affordable wedding invitations easily. The best thing is that you won’t have to sacrifice beauty in order to do it. Here are 8 of the top affordable invitations based on our choices and the choices of our brides.

1.     Elegant Back-Country-Looking for something with a fun style that’s still elegant enough for a formal ceremony? These invitations are absolutely perfect. They feature a border of scrollwork on two sides and accent symbols throughout to draw attention to what you have to say.

2.     Organic & Handwritten -Though these invitations are very simple there is no shortage of beauty to them. The handwriting itself is elegant and the small accents to the words help to give a very laid-back and comfortable feel. These invitations are perfect for any style of wedding.

3.     Simple Pleasures-Simple elegance are the two words that come to mind with these invitations. They feature many small images as well as borders and accents. Across the top is a heart with your initials showing all your guests the love you have for one another.

4.     La Foret- Large trees can seem very woodsy and seem to call to nature and these invitations are no exception. With a large tree surrounding two sides of these invitations they are sheltered by the beautiful foliage. Your guests will be impressed with your nature-loving style.

affordable wedding invitations with trees

5.     Love Scene-If you’re looking for simple, affordable wedding invitations that are also beautiful and colorful then these are the invitations for you. Showcasing bright colors of paper as well as many choices for print color, these invitations have a unique floral image.


Colorado Wildflowers

Simple yet still beautiful these invitations feature an image of their namesake flower across the top in the color of your choice. They also show the same beautiful image on the back of the invitations and come in different sizes for your preference. 

7.     Forget Me Not - If you love flowers (and especially forget-me-nots) you’ll love these beautiful invitations, which feature a two-sided border of forget-me-nots in your beautiful wedding colors. These invitations have a soft, feminine look to them that shows the wonder of your wedding day to come.

8.     Family Tree - These invitations feature a large tree in your choice of several colors. It also features your and your future spouses initials carved into a heart on the tree. Large, full branches make this a beautiful, outdoorsy style.

Each of these invitations is beautiful on its own of course. They also each have the option to purchase matching paper products as well. These include the thank you cards, place cards and more. Better still you can get plantable invitations that turn into beautiful wildflowers of herbs that your guests will be able to have long after your wedding day is over. No one will ever forget the beautiful, elegant yet simple affordable wedding invitations that you have from ForeverFiances.

Affordable Wedding Invitations

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