Have you said eco-friendly ring?

The ring, a symbol of a committed relationship, poses a problem for eco-conscious couples. The production of one simple gold ring can be the product of over 20 tons of mine waste! A diamond may have been mined under unethical conditions and the profit from its sale may go to fund arms trades in war ravaged countries. When shopping for rings, ask how you can purchase gold mined in ways to reduce both the pollution of the environment and the exploitation of workers. Many online stores such as www.greenkarat.com and www.eco-gold.net offer ecologically and socially responsible created wedding rings that include rings that are Certified Fair Trade, made from recycled gold, "eco-gold & Platinum", and diamonds that are Certified Conflict Free. Rings previously owned by family members often have a vintage appeal as sentimental value. Buying a pre-owned rind is also an option that saves both money and environmental resources. (Source San Diego Natural Guide, 2008)

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Meghan said...

C5 company is a new kind of jewelry retailer offering a wide variety of options for consumers seeking an alternative to the traditional jewelry industry. They carry lab-created and ethically sourced stones as well as recycled metals. Jewelry is made in the USA and even the packaging is sustainable.


Miche Meizner said...

I'm co-owner of Sumiche Jewelry
owner of eco-gold.net - well we recently lapsed on the reg. of the domain name. You can now find our 100% recycled and sustainably mined, handcrafted work at