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We take great pride in our guest addressing service. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers. We have a template you can download and fill in with your guest addresses, including a Country column for the special guests 🌎. Calligraphy is done with our press (not by hand) to guarantee consistency, and give you the freedom of choosing the print color and its style. (50+ fonts to pick from, 😊 actually way more...). Affordable and easy! Pricing here.
We have prepared an Excel template for you. [if you don't have Excel, you may use our Google Spreadsheet]
  1. Download guest list template
  2. Simply fill it out the template 
  3. Email it to
excel template for guest addressing
**Please note:

  • Double check your guest list - how you enter the addresses is exactly how it will be printed.
  • Depending on the length of the Names column, we may have to split the names into two lines.
  • Do not add commas after "City"
  • Please follow the format of the template. (i.e. do not add extra columns)
  • Please do not use "line breaks"
  • Zip codes starting with "0" should appear, in our template. (if not, here's how to format the zip code column)
  • Learn how to change the capitalization of your text (small case, Proper case, All Caps)

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