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Marking your child’s milestone in life is very important; no matter what the milestone is. This is even so when it your daughter’s bat mitzvah or your son’s bar mitzvah as it marks a certain level of their maturity. At Forever Fiancés, we are all about celebration. We work to ensure that each celebration radiates with love and oozes of sophistication. So when you are celebrating a bar mitzvah, we want to ensure that you get the most unique bat mitzvah invitations possible.

For Bar Bat Mitzvah
Girls are generally more sophisticated by the age of 12 than their boy age mates. As such, they are more likely to know exactly what they want in their party than the boys. For this reason therefore, we give room for them to hand pick just what they desire. We have a wide array of choices when it comes to designs, shape of the Bar Bat Mitzvah invitations as well as a wide range of colors with shades that your girl is bound to adore. We have a design crew that is purely at your disposal to help you come up with great ideas of bringing your daughters dreams into reality.

More to this, since we are very cautious about our environment, we offer you 100% recyclable paper that works so well with the different shades of color available.

For His Bat Mitzvah
We do not leave the young men behind. We have themed bat mitzvah invitations that could work perfect for the boyish taste. We offer shades of colors that will not only charm the young man but will also work to bring out his true artistic side. On the other hand, if he has no artistic bone in him, we have options that could still work for him. Our design crew can work with you to come up with a design and theme that you believe best represents your son’s person. This is from the choice of color, to the design and even down to the detail of font and style used to write the invitations. We take nothing for granted as we know just how big a deal this celebration is to you.

We cover all
Located in San Diego, California, Forever Fiancés also offers you the choice of using plantable paper. This is paper that is laced with seeds of plants, flowers or herbs as needed. This will ensure that the celebration leaves a mark in your guest’s lives when they plant their Bar Bat Mitzvah invitations.

Cherry Blossoms Tree Bat Mitzvah invitations

Find cherry blossoms bat mitzvah Invitations on cream seeded paper. Romantic organic cherry tree illustrated with love as golden blooms with pink & orange tones. Hand sketched charming blooming branches for your bat mitzvah.

cherry blossoms

Cherry Tree Bat Mitzvah thank you notes

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