Great Ideas For Unique Wedding Place Cards

There are many what you can ensure that you do not  wedding that ends looking like just y other wedding. Your best day has look like the best day of your life. You need to put your best foot forward not just in terms of your dress code, but the décor, the flowers, the invitations and even the wedding place cards. Let’s look at different way in which you can achieve this.

Theme related
One way of determining the kind of wedding place cards you will use is by making them go with your wedding theme. For instance, if you choose the wedding theme to be vintage, then find a creative way to make place cards that are in the vintage theme. Have fun with this. Such a theme as the vintage theme for instance can be easily molded into something new and unique. Take up colors that highlight certain things in the place cards like the words of thanks, the gifts inside and so on. Also make use of fabric that can be used to not only highlight certain features but also accentuate the colors.

Relating your place cards with your theme could also go as far as making the place cards actually is a part of the theme. By this I mean for instance, if you have a beach theme, part of your beach decoration could be the place cards. They can come as oyster shells, sea shells, and sandy leaves and so on. So they not only serve as place cards but are a part of the decoration.

The content of the place cards will also determine the kind of cards you use. If you simply want place cards that only show where one is meant to sit, then you might need simpler designs like the sea shells and leaves mentioned above. For instance, if you want them to hold snacks or small drinks, then you will need to use a different design. For this, you can use a fabric that can be printed on, that way you type out the name of the person on the fabric, and then use it to wrap the snacks or drinks. Another way of doing this is by using small boxes that hold the gifts and also bear the name.

In essence, your place cards should be as personally done as any other part of your wedding detail. Of course for those who do not feel so artistically confident, you have the option of making use of the services of card designer. Be sure to look for professional ones though. For those in the California San Diego area code, try out Forever Fiancés. You will not regret it!

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