Tree wedding invitations are our speciality

Amy and William were planning an elegant outdoors wedding and these tree wedding invitations were exactly what they were looking for in order to set the mood for their romantic day. These Vieux Oak invitations were completely personalized not only with their wedding information but also with a heart 'carving' on the tree with their initials. It was exactly what they wanted to let all of their friends and family share in their special day.

Winter Blooms Tree on white seeded paper

Why They're Special
    These invitations are unlike what you've seen other places for a variety of reasons. For one thing, all of the invitations from ForeverFiances are 100% recycled paper. That means when you use these invitations you are saving the environment. You will be saving trees from being cut down at the same time as you're showing your love for them with these beautiful designs. Not only this but your invitations are available in plain, recycled paper, or embedded with seeds so that your guests will be able to have a beautiful gift better than any card.

    Instructions are easily available of course but by planting your invitations your guests will have a permanent reminder of your wedding day. That's because these beautiful invitations transform into a bed of wildflower or herbs with the right attention and care.

Options Galore
    If you choose tree wedding invitations like Amy and William, you will have many different options to choose from. There are styles of oak trees as well as birch and other flowering trees. These are available in a variety of different color patters from muted browns to bright, vibrant watercolors. And of course, everything on your invitations is completely customizable from the color and style of the font to the wording that is used.

Choose Your Look
    Whether you are getting married in winter wonderland or in  the brightness of spring you will be able to find tree wedding invitations that will reflect the season of your ceremony perfectly. With bright colors for spring, hues of green for the summer, red and orange for fall, and tones of blues for the winter, you will have many options to choose from. Your wedding colors and style will be reflected in the beauty of your invitations and everyone will be able to see what you have always envisioned for your wedding day.

engraved oak tree
    When you're planning your wedding, you want it to be perfect. That means that down to the last detail you want it customized exactly the way you've always planned. These tree wedding invitations were exactly that for Amy and William and they just might be that for you as well. So make sure to take a look at the beautiful options available for your wedding with ForeverFiances.

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