Mason Jar Wedding Invitations are wonderful

    Kimberly and Matthew just personalized their mason jar wedding invitations for their country style blue and green wedding. The natural background style of these invitations along with the mason jar and hearts decoration helped them to show their love for each other and the outdoors in the style of their invitations. These invitations were made especially for them in a design that they chose. Being able to customize the color and font allowed them to showcase their wedding colors from the very first part of planning their wedding to the end. It also allowed them to showcase their personal style and the look they wanted for their event.

Mason Jar Wedding Invitations
    These invitations have a unique design that gives a country style and feel while still maintaining a classy look. These invitations have many excellent features such as:
  • Open mason jar
  • Hearts flying out of the jar
  • Sketched style
  • Seeded paper invitations
  • Flecked paper from embedded seeds

What You Need
    Planning a wedding means that you need several different types of paper products. You'll need place cards, invitations, reply cards, and thank you's. ForeverFiances offers all of these things in the exact same patterns. That means you can get a full set of every paper item you'll need from the beginning to the ending of your wedding that matches perfectly down to every customizable detail. So Kimberly and Matthew were able to keep their mason jar wedding invitations from their save the date cards before the wedding to their thank you cards after.

Mason Jar Wedding Invitation - on cream seeded paper

Why It's Different
    ForeverFiances isn't like the other invitations that you've looked at. In fact, they're very different from these other types of invitations. One way these invitations are different is that they are embedded with wildflowers or herbs so everyone that you invite to your wedding gets something to remember you and your special occasions by. These plantable wedding invitations ™ are beautiful when they are delivered in the mail and they will be beautiful when they grow into flowers and herbs.
    Another way they're different is that every invitation that you buy from ForeverFiances is handmade with custom colors and print styles. You can customize your invitations to reflect your personal style and to show others what you want for your perfect day. You also have the option to purchase non-plantable invitations that are simply a beautiful keepsake for your guests. Either type of invitation is 100% recycled and therefore great for the environment.

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