Plantable Business Invitations by Green Business Print

Every so often, a new great idea is born, and in this case, it happened to be plantable business invitations. These unique business invitations are made from recycled paper and embedded with wildflower seeds, which will grow when placed in soil and watered. For any business who wants to let others know about company picnics, big meetings, trade shows or other events, you can't go wrong with these charming and creative invitations. Here are some of their benefits.

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Green Business

Ever since the green trend started several years ago, the pressure has been on for businesses to move to more environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices. Furthermore, consumers are demanding green businesses and products at an increasing rate. Besides reducing paper waste and using energy-efficient equipment, plantable invitations are another way for you to establish your business as being green.

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People will love it when you send them such unique business invitations. Everyone loves flowers, but rather than sending pricey arrangements, you can send them something simpler, cheaper and more interesting. Best of all, whereas someone may not have room for a potted tropical plant, it's easy to find someplace to plant wildflowers!

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Good for the Planet

Plantable invitations aren't just made from recycled materials. They're also fully recyclable, and even contribute to the health of people, plants and animals. After planting the invitation, the seeds will quickly sprout. As they grow, the paper the invitation is made from breaks down, forming a nutrient-rich compost for the growing plants. Plants are capable of removing harmful substances from the soil and air. Wildflowers in particular provide food for native wildlife, especially birds and butterfly larvae.

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Unique Idea

In order for most businesses to survive, they have to come up with something that sets them apart from their competitors. In many cases, it's simply about getting noticed. Sending unique invitations is a perfect way to achieve this. Few things will catch someone's attention like an invitation embedded with flowers seeds. Then, after they plant the invitation, they'll think of your business every time they see their flowers. Because people enjoy flowers, this will also give your business a positive association in the recipient's mind.

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The more your choice of invitation represents your company, the better. Plantable business invitations are perfect for landscaping or other outdoorsy companies who frequently deal with plants. They're also ideal for springtime events.

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Source of Lasting Beauty

Many people wouldn't consider an invitation to be something that keeps on giving, but plantable business invitations are the exception. These unique business invitations, once planted, will eventually become lovely wildflowers that attract songbirds and colorful butterflies. After the season is over, the flowers will drop their seeds and begin a new generation of beauty. This cycle can go on for as long as you allow it to.

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