Seal And Send Invitations

Seal and send invitations, also known as all-in-one invitations, may be the most impressive way to let people know about your wedding. What makes these invitations so unique is that they are the envelope, invitation, and RSVP postcard all in one foldable envelope. Once folded, the invitation itself becomes the envelope and it is sealed with the seal of your choice.

Send and Sealed invitations - exclusive from ForeverFiances

Make It Easy to RSVP

Your guests will love you for making it so easy to RSVP. All your guests have to do is detach the RSVP section, fill it out, place a stamp on it, and drop it in the mail. Your return address is pre-printed on the RSVP postcard and because it is so easy to RSVP, your guests will be more likely to promptly RSVP. That means you’ll know exactly who is going to attend without waiting until the last minute.

Good For The Environment

These invitations are also good for the environment. That's because there is no envelope for your guests to throw away and most seal and send invitations are printed on 100% recycled paper. Do something good for the environment and use these all-in-one invitations to invite your guests.

Unique Styles

Just because these invitations are so convenient and unique doesn't mean you can't get them in a classic wedding invitation style. In fact, there are dozens of design choices that range from quirky and cute to classy and sophisticated. Of course, just like other invitations, you can customize your seal and send invitation to suit your own personal style.

Less Expensive Than Other Options

Seal and send invitations save you money because there is less paper and no envelope to buy. That means you save money and get higher quality materials at the same time. A wedding can be expensive and saving money in every possible way is just good common sense.

Impress Your Guests

These invitations are sure to impress due to their unique design and ease of use. Everyone is used to get plain old invitations sealed inside normal envelopes. These invitations are a great way to turn an old tradition into something new and exciting.

When you consider all the options, there is no doubt that seal and send invitations are the perfect way to invite your guests to your wedding. Their unique style and utility make them stand out from the crowd of plan and traditional wedding invites.

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