Wildflowers Prairie Wedding Suite

Wildflowers Prairie is one of our most popular premium watercolor wedding invitations. It is a beautiful rendition of a meadow full of colorful wildflowers. Perfect for a summer wedding on a bright sunny day or an intimate garden ceremony. Vibrant colors of all sorts, more than even a rainbow, combine to create a scene of beauty. If you are having a destination wedding in a beautiful mountain landscape like Asheville or a popular tourist location like the gardens at Martha's Vineyard, Wildflowers Prairie is an ideal invitation to gather your friends and family to celebrate your special day. Available on our handmade plantable paper, embedded with wildflower seeds, to create a truly unique invitation that will get your loved ones excited. They are sure to make you stand out and wow your guests. Bring this invitation to life by planting your seeded paper invitations and watch your own wildflowers grow! Our invitations come with complimentary recycled envelopes, and we even offer printing service to include your return address. Also, to save time let us do your guest addressing! This delightful wedding suite has everything you need from invitations, response cards, thank you cards and place cards for your elegant reception.

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