The President Tree

Ground breaking environmental photography has been released. It is truly breathtaking. A giant sequoia that lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California has been making headlines.
It has been estimated to be alive for over 3,200 years. Over 3 millenniums in the making!

The President is a tree that has surely earned it's name. It stands tall at 247 feet and presides over many other trees in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park.
What allows this tree to reach for the stars? How about its mighty trunk that measures 27 feet across!
 Boasting the most pine needles of any tree in the entire world, the President has a staggering collection of 2 billion from base to summit.
It took a big team effort to put together this portrait. With a sophisticated system of pulleys and levers, thousands of photos were captured. Mix and matching, they selected 126 photos to create one beautiful masterpiece.

This is the first time the President has been photographed in its entirety!

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