Invitations you can grow!

Wow! Choose the most unique invitations in the world! Here are 3 reasons why to choose plantable paper invitations:

ForeverFiances Plantable Invitations

1. They can be planted! Your wedding invitations are embedded with wildflowers seeds, therefore sprout wildflowers directly from the paper. Garden herbs plantable papers are also available, embedded with basil or tomatoes seeds for example.

2. By choosing plantable invitations you are not just respecting the environment, you are re-creating it. Less waste to begin with (100% recycled paper) with natural dyes and organic printing process, your invitations will disintegrate in nature (100% biodegradable) and grow flowers or garden herbs, thus, create oxygen and life.

3. Be Unique-Create a Wow Effect - Your wedding invitation is the first impression you will make on your wedding guests.  Your plantable wedding invitations are sure to be the most unique invitation your guests have ever received.
Everything about the style and presentation of these unique invitations will amaze you and your guests. They will be surprised at the style and the idea of a plantable invitation. In fact, we've actually had guests call to inform us of their wonder at the 'wow effect' created by these invitations.

More reasons to choose plantable wedding invitations

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